Lonzo Ball Makes His IconAI Small-Stars Figure Debut

Lonzo Ball Makes His IconAI Small-Stars Figure Debut – From IconAI.  Lonzo Ball joins the IconAI Small-Stars Smart Collectibles line, wearing the LA Lakers 2017-18 Association Edition Icon Edition (Gold) jersey. ULTRA RARE: These art pieces are produced in extremely low numbers (last season: a few hundred or less per NBA player were produce). See other 2017-18 IconAI Small-Stars Figures.

Configuration: 1 piece per master
Release Date: 03/01/2018

Small-Stars Craftsmanship!

  • DETAILED: Highly detailed collectible NBA player figures
  • STYLIZED: Unique, stylized caricatures of the NBA’s biggest stars
  • ACCURATE: Accurate representation of 2017-18 NBA season’s all new uniforms
  • SUBSTANTIAL: Substantial piece of master craftsmanship (dribble pose over 11 inches in height)

Smart Collectibles!

With the FREE companion mobile app IconAI Small-Star Experience, you can:

  • SCAN FIGURES & DISCOVER: Virtual versions of Small-Stars spring to life on your phone’s screen every time you scan the figures. You can discover player fun facts too. [*Require iPhone 7 or newer, or NFC-enabled Android phones].
  • AUTHENTICATE & COLLECT: Validate figure’s authenticity, register ownership to reveal the unique production ID number of each individual figure, and track your entire collection.
  • STATS CHALLENGE: Test your statistical knowledge of NBA players. Reach the top of leaderboards, or challenge friends to top your scores. It’s a challenging experience for NBA stats fanatics!

*Compatible with recent versions of iOS and Android devices…

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