Magic the Gathering: Battlebond BoosterMagic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster – Welcome to Battlebond, where competitors battle in pairs. Recruit a trusted partner and fight shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand, or back-to-back for glory and the roar of the crowd! Forge an unbreakable bond with your combat companion and claim your place in the pantheon of champions! Introducing the first-ever Two-Headed Giant-focused Magic booster set. Battlebond is the 2018 Innovation Product, and is designed to be drafted. ALL-NEW cards in Battlebond depict the environment of Valor’s Reach, an area on the plane of Kylem, where combat is fought two-on-two. Like any good spectator sport, the goal isn’t just to win, but to look good doing it, so style points count!

Meet the design lead, Gavin Verhey, in this exclusive interview!

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster

Configuration: 6 boxes/36 packs/15 cards
Release Date: 06/08/2018
Order Due Date: 05/03/2018

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster – Set Details*

Battlebond is inspired by sports and e-sports. The set contains 254 unique cards, including 85 NEW cards and will all immediately be legal in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage. Returning favorites from throughout Magic’s history (many with new art) round out the set and cultivate an environment of two-on-two combat and sport. The Battlebond set is designed to be drafted with players who will make groups of two players for Two-Headed Giant multiplayer games.

The expansion symbol depicts two connected figures in front of a diamond shape. The game can also be played Sealed. Most of the unique mechanics — the main selling point of the play experience — are indifferent to the format, so long as it’s Two-Headed Giant.

*Set details subject to change from date of publishing

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster – Promo Cards

There are twenty-two promos, some with alternate art and all with foil treatment, and they come in two-card packs.

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster – Rules for Limited Play

For Battlebond, Sealed uses six packs and Draft uses four packs.

See also: Comprehensive Rules for Two-Headed Giant


  • Each team of two receives six Battlebond booster packs.
  • The team builds two 40-card decks from the six booster packs — one deck for each player.
  • The remaining unused cards will create a shared sideboard.
  • Teams play single game matches.


  • Each team of two will receive four Battlebond booster packs to start the draft.
  • Teams will open one booster and pick two cards from the pack before passing the booster pack to the next team on their left. This continues with teams taking two cards from the packs being passed around until there are no cards left to pick.
  • Pack rotation remains left (clockwise) for the first pack, right (counter clockwise) for the second, left for the third, and right for the fourth pack.
  • The team builds two 40-card decks from the cards that they have drafted — one deck for each player.
  • Teams play single game matches.

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster – Themes and Mechanics

The new mechanics in Battlebond elevate the promise of Two-Headed Giant to its full potential. The set features card pairs that will interact with one another, and they go in players’ decks.

Magic the Gathering: Battlebond Booster

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