Major Civil War Relics Added to 2015 HA Civil War – When you take on the challenge of building the most comprehensive, modern trading card set of the Civil War, a couple of pivotal events must happen to make the product a success. First is the acquisition of authentic autographs of notable figures tied to the conflict’s history. Second is finding authentic, memorabilia from the time period.

Historic Autographs has just reported that they have acquired a Civil War family archive from three brothers who all served in the war in some capacity. One of the most rare of all items is regulation issued and worn military uniforms. The collection that was just obtained includes an actual Civil War jacket worn by one Second Lieutenant Clifford Stickney of the Union Army. Stickney was listed as being from Illinois and fought with the Company C of  the 72nd Illinois Infantry.

Also acquired is a framed copy of his military commission which is signed by Abraham Lincoln. The jacket is easily worth $3,000 and the addition of the signed Lincoln commission makes THREE signatures in the product. With a production run of just 800 boxes the rate of pull for a Lincoln signature alone is 1:267 boxes.

In addition, some of the personal war-date letters from the three brothers describing the everyday life of a soldier as well as battle content have been added to the list of memorabilia in the product. There is incredible provenance with these letters from the family. These along with the handful of authentic 1860 US Army Colt revolvers, fantastic long rifles and other actual Civil War relics – this Civil War jacket is museum quality and will be cherished by the lucky person who pulls the redemption.

Learn more about the complete history of the relics and full provenance from Heritage Auctions.

For more information about 2015 Historic Autographs Civil War – Appomattox Premium Boxes please visit the product page.

Major Civil War Relics Added to 2015 HA Civil War – Image Gallery


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