Marvel Vibranium Checklist is LIVE! – The latest Marvel release from Upper Deck Entertainment hits store shelves today in the form of Vibranium. For the uninitiated, exactly what is Vibranium you ask?

According to the Marvel Wiki Database, “Vibranium is a rare, naturally occurring meteoric ore, theorized to have an extraterrestrial origin. It has been found in two distinct varieties and is most abundant in the African nation of Wakanda. Vibranium is not as hard or dense as Adamantium, but it is still very durable. It is also easier to make objects out of, such as the mesh costume the Black Panther wears. Vibranium absorbs more impact than adamantium.”

2015 Marvel Vibranium Trading Cards from Upper Deck delivers (1) Patch, Sketch or Comic Artist Autographed Card, (4) Subset Cards and (6-7) Parallels in Every Box! Featuring a 90-Card Base Set, (5) Parallel Tiers and (5) Subsets. Cards are printed on a premium reflective card stock.

You can download a complete copy of the checklist here: 2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium Checklist.

For more information about 2015 Upper Deck Marvel Vibranium, please visit the product page.

Marvel Vibranium Checklist is LIVE! – Image Gallery

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