Meet the Newest Innovations in Graded Cards, Slab Accessories – The explosive growth in the popularity of graded cards cannot be overstated. PSA alone averages over 700,000 graded cards per month. The company is on pace to grade close to nine million cards annually. That’s not to mention the estimated 40M+ already in circulation.

These figures do not take into account the other established grading companies like BGS and SGC. The well-publicized backlog at both PSA and BGS has even given rise to new grading companies like HGA (Hybrid Grading Approach) and RCG (Revolutionary Card Grading).

The increased trends in grading aren’t limited strictly to sports cards. Far from it, as the number of gaming and entertainment card submissions is also at an all-time high.

Framed in this light, it only makes sense that the latest supplies to protect, store and display cards are being created and invented by existing collectors with a propensity and appreciation for graded cards.

Meet the Newest Innovations in Graded Cards, Slab Accessories

Watch our recent retailer webinar and see below for more specific details and images for each product.

Meet the Newest Innovations in Graded Cards, Slab Accessories

Slab Strong, Show Your Slabs, Stand Up Displays, Grade Saver Pro and Zion Cases are new supply vendors that cater to graded card collectors. Each manufactures unique products that fill a void in the supply category that has long been overlooked.

Slab Strong

Slab Strong cases provide protection for graded cards by surrounding the slab’s edges with a shock absorbing rubber. In addition to the edges, a middle band protects the slab surface from scratches. Slab Strong cases are made in the U.S.A. Coming soon in multiple colors to add an additional level of customization.Dealers Logo 2


Grade Saver Pro

Grade Saver Pro is the card sleeve you never knew you needed until now. Clumsily trying to pull a card from a toploader or semi-rigid holder risks actually damaging the card. The sleeves are free of PVC and acid, are crystal clear and feature an ingenious “Easy Pull Tab”. The tab provides a simple way to insert and remove cards quickly and safely and are ideal for bulk submissions. Sleeves fit all industry standard toploaders and Card Savers. Dealers Logo 2


Stand Up Displays

Stand Up Displays are a simple, secure solution for displaying graded cards. Stands are made to fit slabbed cards of standard thickness (20-35pt). Made from environment friendly white or black PLA in the U.S.A. Dealers Logo 2


Show Your Slabs

Show Your Slabs provides an attractive means of displaying multiple cards within an acrylic frame. The patent-pending design features recessed areas to inlay cards graded by PSA/BGS/CGS. Cards stay in place securely with non-abrasive nano-gel. Cards can be safely and easily swapped out using the accompanying SYS Slab Grabber. Frames are available to hold 9 and 20 graded slabs. Made in the U.S.A.Dealers Logo 2


Zion Cases

Zion Cases are quickly becoming the industry standard in graded card protection. Available in multiple sizes, each case features reinforced handles, hinges and locking mechanism.Dealers Logo 2


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