Mint Musings: Super Break Not Your Typical Box Break  –  One of the more polarizing topics in the hobby over the past few years has been the rise of repackaged products in the market. If you haven’t heard of the concept, it essentially involves a company buying already produced cards and memorabilia and reselling them as a newly created product, complete with it’s own name and marketing.

While some of the products do incorporate new and original elements such as sketch cards, the majority of the product is based around something that has already been produced. The concept isn’t a new one as the former Scoreboard company created a similar type of product many years ago. In the past few years however, we’ve seen the rise of many companies, including Super Products and their line of Super Break products, who have brought repackaged products back to a prominent place in the market.

Super Break’s founder, Scott Allen has been one of the leaders behind this movement. Making a big splash in late 2013 by inserting Yasiel Puig’s autographed Superfractor into a product, he’s been looking for big, and sometimes unorthodox, cards and memorabilia to include in his products ever since.

Originally confined to just cards, Super Break has gone on to include full-sized memorabilia and the company’s custom “The Bar” cards. Quite possibly the trademark item featured by the company, these over-sized items feature original artwork and a cut signature of the depicted personality, along with an actual gold bar.

Whenever you’re dealing with high-end autographs and unique memorabilia, authentication and reliability is always a concern. I had a chance to ask Allen how he goes about acquiring the assets for his products. His response, “Very carefully. Each collectible is fully certified by the top sources in the industry, and only purchased from few trusted sources. All cards are produced by major manufacturers and we trust their production process.”

With products that have included autographs from the likes of Babe Ruth and Walt Disney, it could potentially be hard to pick a favorite. However, Allen said he does indeed have one that stands out: a PSA-certified George Washington piece that will be included in Super Break’s upcoming ALPHA product.
He’s not ready to quit searching for unique items though. When asked what he would most like to include in upcoming products, he replied that he would like to acquire signatures of Lewis and Clark, Mozart and Steve Jobs.

For now, Super Break’s releases don’t have checklists. When asked if he would make checklists for the products, Allen responded, “Part of the mystic we have earned as Super Break is the trust factor with the community. Our collector base knows we not only place everything we state into our short runs but we over deliver. Leaving a surprise factor in our products has not only been fun for us but exciting to our customers.”

One thing that has been criticized with Super Break’s products has been the high prices, with some retailing for several thousand dollars. Super Break has also released products at a more economical price point, with Allen saying they strive to make products for all buyers.

Responding to that criticism, Allen went on to say, “We understand those who cite high price points and expensive units, however these top quality certified goods add up fast. Price points of product are based on cost of goods, not how much we think we can sell units for.”

For future releases, Allen revealed that Super Break has a small handful of high-quality releases planned for 2016. Next up on the docket is their, aforementioned, ALPHA product, which will hit the market before January is up. Besides the Washington item, the product will also have autographed items featuring Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso and Abraham Lincoln.

Here is a look at some of the items featured in past Super Break products.

Mint Musings: Super Break Not Your Typical Box Break  – Image Gallery

Mint Musings: Super Break Not Your Typical Box Break  – “The Bar” Image Gallery

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