NBA Decades Fantasy Draft: Review – With the 2020 NBA Draft approaching, Go GTS takes a look back at the history of the NBA with a fantasy decades draft. Four of our scribes will pick one player from each of the 1970s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s. By Draft’s end, each will have an all-time starting five to be envied.

The first-ever Go GTS Fantasy Draft is now over, and the four NBA Decades teams have been picked. Our experts made impressive picks and it’s hard to nail down one as a winner. Have your say and name the best on our social media channels!

James Gale Russ Cohen Rich Klein Jon Waldman
1970s Magic Johnson  Julius Erving  Larry Bird   Pete Maravich
1980s  Hakeem Olajuwon  Karl Malone  David Robinson   Michael Jordan
1990s  Kevin Garnett  Shaquille O’Neil  Dirk Nowitzki  Kobe Bryant
2000s  Chris Paul  Stephen Curry  Kevin Durant  LeBron James
2010s  Kawhi Leonard  Luka Doncic  Anthony Davis  Damian Lillard

Of course, these are just four selections from each decade. The rich history of basketball, however, has plenty of other Superstars who didn’t make it to the list. Among these are:

  • Tim Duncan1997’s first-overall pick lived up to his promise, capturing five NBA Championships, two MVP awards, 15 post-season all-star nods, rookie of the year honors and other accolades.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo – Back-to-back MVP nods are a big part of his story, but look deeper and you’ll also see the NBA Most Improved Player award in 2017.
  • Moses MaloneThree MVP awards, one NBA Finals MVP nod, a Championship and eight All-NBA nods tell a lot of the story of this incredible Hall of Famer.

These and other great names have more than earned their accolades and collector demand; but that’s the great thing about the NBA – with so few players on each roster, it’s easy to identify a standout star very quickly, even on the “lesser” teams who routinely finish outside the playoff picture.

The 2020s, despite the unusual commencing year, are starting very promising. The Draft, taking place next week, the new Decade’s teams will start to take shape. We’ll see you in 10 years!

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NBA Decades Fantasy Draft: Review

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