NBA Decades Fantasy Draft: The 1990s

NBA Decades Fantasy Draft: The 1990s – With the 2020 NBA Draft approaching, Go GTS takes a look back at the history of the NBA with a fantasy decades draft. Over the next five weeks, four of our scribes will pick one player from each of the 1970s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s. By Draft’s end, each will have an all-time starting five to be envied.

In Week Three, our fly writers grabbed the players who were all that and a bag of chips from the 1990s. This decade saw the NBA head north of the border with the birth of the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies. One team now remains from the great Canadian experiment.

The 90s were absolutely dominated by the Chicago Bulls who captured six NBA Championships. Only the Houston Rockets (2, both coming while Michael Jordan was experimenting with baseball), Detroit Pistons (1, the carryover from their run in the 80s) and the San Antonio Spurs (1) were able to ascend to the past the Bulls during this time. Four players, meanwhile, debuted and stood out from the pack in the eyes of our scribes.

James Gale Selects: Kevin Garnett
My favorite player of all time. Tenacious rebounder. Learned his offensive post moves from Kevin McHale. Nine time All-Defensive First Team selections. Only NBA player in history to have 25k points, 10k rebounds, 5k assists, 1.5k steals & 1.5k blocks.”
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Russ Cohen Selects: Shaquille O’Neal
Shaq is one of the greatest centers in NBA history. He started with the Orlando Magic but led the Los Angeles Lakers to championships in 2000-2002 and later the Miami Heat in 2006. Big, brutal, dominated the game around the net.
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Rich Klein Selects: Dirk Nowitzki
No one has had a longer career with just one team than Dirk. His unique skills helped lead the Mavericks to constantly win 50 games. Highlight of his career was leading the Mavericks to their only NBA title.
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Jon Waldman Selects: Kobe Bryant
Five-time NBA champ, won the MVP once, 15 All-NBA nods to go with 12 All-Defensive honors and was one of, if not the NBA’s biggest name during an era that bridged Air Jordan’s wind-down and the ascent of King James.
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