NEW Platinum Series Baseball Card Game Makes You Part of “The Show” –  Gaming publisher Platinum Series Baseball (PSB) is bringing a new, baseball-themed tabletop game of the same name to hobby shops across the country. Officially licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association, Platinum Series Baseball is a fast-paced tabletop dice and card game that puts you in control of a major league franchise. While several baseball-themed games have come and gone over time, Platinum Series Baseball promises an all-new game-play experience by maintaining an incredible level of baseball authenticity and statistical accuracy.


Platinum Series Baseball – A fast paced, action packed game built around comprehensive player ratings for the ultimate in realistic play. Draft and manage your team with real players, real stats for real fun!

Platinum Series Baseball – First Edition, combines the collectibility of baseball cards, similar to the classic trading card game, MLB Showdown with the statistical accuracy of the timeless Strat-o-Matic Baseball.

With PSB, as players develop their skills, they can take on ever increasing challenges of game play insuring a long and sustained lifespan of the game. Different game formats allow you to play games in as quickly as 40 minutes. Advanced Play adds increased realism and more strategy to the game, which in turn lengthens the playing time.

Everything you need to play comes right in the box.

PSB_Game_and_wax-box (1)

It’s a whole new game – and it starts today!

  • (1) Game Board
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • (30) Player Cards
  • (4) Card Holders
  • (3) 10-Sided Dice
  • (1) Pad of Scoring Sheets (50)
  • (1) Pencil

The game is designed to allow players to customize their teams with the addition of other player cards via traditional Booster Packs. Called Player Packs, they contain a complete team with eight (8) position players and four (4) pitchers for a total of (12) cards per pack. Each box of Player Packs contains (24) packs. BUILD YOUR OWN ALL-STAR TEAM!! Do you have what it takes to play the role of General Manager and Team Manager? PSB will put all of your baseball knowledge and game-playing skills to the test in a fun, interactive way never before seen in a tabletop baseball card board game. Real players, real stats, real fun!

NEW Platinum Series Baseball Card Game Makes You Part of “The Show” – Game Box & Pack Opening Experience

As you can see, each game box and pack delivers great value! Retailers can cash-in on the popularity of collectible card games and baseball cards by carrying this MLBPA endorsed and licensed product. Platinum Series Baseball – First Edition is available in the following product configurations:

Game Boxes: 20 games per case/ 1 game per box
Player Pack Boxes: 20 display boxes per case/24 packs per box/12 cards per pack

NEW Platinum Series Baseball Card Game Makes You Part of “The Show” – The Game Play

The outcome of the game is determined by several key factors which truly separate PSB from other baseball-themed games. The game takes into account the following:

  • Your players real statistical abilities
  • Your managerial capability
  • The attributes of the ballpark you’re playing in
  • Weather conditions
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the opposition
  • Just as real baseball, a little luck

However, despite all these various factors and attributes, its Platinum Series Baseball’s player cards that are the heart of the game. They make the game fast-paced and easy to play while maintaining an incredible level of baseball authenticity and statistical accuracy. This balance of game-play and realism is achieved by PSB’s comprehensive player ratings, which are included on each player’s card.

PSB only takes between 15 and 20 minutes to set up and half that time for more experienced players. This includes:

  • Selecting your team
  • Making your starting lineup and batting order
  • Determining the game day weather

Once you’re finished with the set up, you’re ready to play ball.

As mentioned earlier, each ballpark has its own unique attributes. This is just one more way PSB differentiates itself. Some of these ballpark characteristics include:

  • Varying outfield fence distances and heights
  • Different infield and outfield types
  • Different foul territory sizes
  • Unique effects on certain types of plays

What’s more, each ballpark is in a specific geographical region of the country with varying weather patterns which can also have an impact on a game of Platinum Series Baseball.

All of these characteristics and attributed are pre-calculated into the game-play allowing for a seamless interaction between one player and another. As would be expected, the offensive manager rolls the dice for the batters and the defensive manager rolls for the fielders when applicable.

You can learn more about Platinum Series Baseball – First Edition at


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