NHL Calder Battle Heats Up: Dylan Larkin vs. Artemi Panarin – All around player with a higher ceiling versus a scoring machine. That is what this year’s battle for the NHL’s Calder Trophy for the league’s best rookie will come down to. While they may no longer be in the same division, let alone conference, the rivalry between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks will be a fight to the finish. In all likelihood, one of these two teams will field this year’s Rookie of the Year.

Here is a look at the two player’s statistics at this point in the 2015-16 NHL season.

Dylan Larkin – Center, 19 years Artemi Panarin – LW, 24 years
Games Played: 58 Games Played: 60
Goals: 19 Goals: 22
Assists: 20 Assists: 35
Points: 39 Points: 57
+/-: 21 (8th in NHL) +/-: 7 (105th in NHL)

Base on the numbers alone, Panarin seems to be the clear leader for the Calder Trophy. However, discerning fans know that Larkin’s contributions to his team are bigger than his numbers. The fact that he is in the top ten in the league for plus/minus, on an average team, speaks volumes about his two-way play.

Regardless of who your horse is in this race the clear winner is collectors. The secondary market prices on eBay for Dylan Larkin’s and Artemi Panarin’s graded Young Guns rookie cards have been solid performers.

In addition to having cards in 2015-16 Upper Deck Series One Hockey, each player is well represented in several other NHL licensed hockey card products from Upper Deck including:

While Panarin may be leading in the on-ice race in scoring, off-ice, Larkin is the clear leader among collectors who are paying top dollar for his BGS 10 Young Guns and autographed rookie cards. Both players have been named the Rookie Redemption for Artifacts and both cards are selling for hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately for collectors, to date, all of Panarin’s autographed cards are redemptions. In the case of Larkin, he has numerous live autographs in the market, in that sense, he wins in the heart and minds of hockey collectors.

NHL Calder Battle Heats Up: Dylan Larkin vs. Artemi Panarin – Image Gallery

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