NHL Future Watch: Kirill Kaprizov Hockey Cards, Minnesota Wild – When Kirill Kaprizov was drafted, the Minnesota Wild knew they had a future star if he wanted to play in the NHL. He was under contract in the KHL and wasn’t coming over anytime soon. That’s why he was drafted in the fifth round and that’s why he became a Calder Trophy Winner at the age of 24. It is likely that more awards will follow.

Kaprizov’s dream was to play in the NHL. He just wanted to get paid first. Now he’s negotiating what will be a huge raise while he plays for the Minnesota Wild.

In the KHL this Russian had two seasons with more than 30 goals, so there was some optimism that he could score at least 20 in North America. When players change leagues, sometimes there’s a bigger ice surface and other times there are changes a player makes like having less time to get a shot off and playing against more physical players.

Kaprizov has sneaky speed. His two-step quickness finds him in open ice, but that doesn’t always happen. He has amazing vision. There are times when he has the puck behind the net, and two or three players are closing on him, and he threads a perfect pass for an assist. He knows how to draw in defenders, who must respect his shot, and that’s when he sets up scoring chances.

His brand of defense is sniffing out failed no-look passes or long passes that are risky. When Kaprizov is on the ice, he looks to intercept them and then take it to the goalie, usually for a goal. Kaprizov’s work on the power play is among the best in the league. He transformed the Wild’s offense in one season. The winger was the spark, and he led all rookies in goals with 27 and scored 51 points in 55 games of a possible 56 in the shortened season. What will he put up in an 82-game season?

Collectors can’t go wrong getting Kaprizov’s Series 2 Young Guns rookie. They always hold their value, and the photo is probably from an early season game. The 2021 Upper Deck Extended  Holo GrFx is also a cool rookie card. They come in different versions, and the action shot is appreciated.

One other great looking card is Kaprizov’s 2021 SP Game-Used serial-numbered Authentic Rookie card. This card has some brilliant styling starting with the silver used in the rookie card denotation and then a cool multi-colored background. There are autographed rookies like this and rookie jersey cards as well. Just having that variety makes all of them highly collectible and a good reason to pick up a box hoping you can get a Kaprizov rookie as they continue to increase in value.

NHL Future Watch: Kirill Kaprizov Hockey Cards, Minnesota Wild – Stats

NHL Standard career statistics
Scoring Goals Assists Shots Ice Time
2020-21 23 MIN NHL 55 27 24 51 10 16 19 8 0 3 19 5 0 157 17.2 280 1006 18:18 3 21 12.5 18 29 27 35 AS-4,Calder-1,Hart-15
Career 1 yr NHL 55 27 24 51 10 16 19 8 0 3 19 5 0 157 17.2 280 1006 18:18 3 21 12.5 18 29 27 35
Provided by Hockey-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 8/26/2021.

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