Non-Sport Update Awards 2014 Set of the Year

best-trading-cards-of-2014Non-Sport Update Awards 2014 Set of the Year – The leading hobby publication for non-sport and entertainment trading cards, Non-Sport Update, recently announced the results of their 2014 Reader Poll. The poll was used to determine the 10 most popular entertainment trading card products released in the past year. You can view the full list on the magazine’s official website.

While the results may be a surprise to some people, what shouldn’t be a surprise is that GTS Distribution is one of the only distributors that carries all of the top entertainment products, year-in and year-out.

The non-sport/entertainment segment of the hobby has always been filled with a passionate and loyal group of collectors. GTS prides itself on catering to those collectors with timely product information, image galleries, product videos and an inventory of the most in-demand trading card products in the market.

If you are an entertainment trading card collector and your local card shop doesn’t carry non-sport products, ask them to contact us. We’ll show them the value of adding these high-demand products into their inventory mix.

Congratulations to all of the winners!