2019 20 Ud Chl Hockey Hendrix LapierreOff The Post: Hendrix Lapierre NHL Hockey Cards, Washington CapitalsHendrix Lapierre was drafted 22nd overall by the Washington Capitals in the 2020 NHL Draft. He’s an offensive wizard but he had to overcome some injuries to get to where he is today. It’s probably also why the Capitals were able to get him where they did in the draft.  Sometimes when an organization takes a risk, they get a reward. That’s exactly what appears to be happening in the country’s capital.

Interestingly enough injuries on the Capitals roster gave Lapierre an opening to make the opening night roster. He took advantage of the opportunity by scoring his first NHL goal, in his first NHL game, no less. He helped pace Washington to a win over the New York Rangers.

Lapierre talks about the goal in the audio clip accompanying the video below. Line-mate T.J. Oshie, can be heard laughing in during the interview. It seems the two have already developed some chemistry, both on, and off the ice.

Off The Post: Hendrix Lapierre NHL Hockey Cards, Washington Capitals – Card Facts

There is a pretty good chance Upper Deck will include him on the Young Guns checklist when the 2021-22 flagship series one set release in late November. Unlike previous years, it appears that 2021-22 Upper Deck NHL Series One Hockey Cards will actually be the first release of the new NHL hockey season. This year’s release of MVP and Artifacts, both products that traditionally release before Series One are not slated to release until December due to ongoing production delays.

So for now, collectors will have to chase his CHL and World Juniors cards from Upper Deck. Thankfully he has several, including Patch Autographs in SP Game Used CHL Edition. Here’s a look at his Beckett Media Stats Zone.


Hendrix Lapierre Beckett Media Stats Zone

Hendrix Lapierre card stats at time of his first NHL game

Off The Post: Hendrix Lapierre NHL Hockey Cards, Washington Capitals – Image Gallery

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