Off the Uprights: Eric Dickerson NFL Football Cards and NFTsIt was hard not to notice Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson when he played football. At 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, he possessed freakish size and a rare combination of finesse, speed and strength. But, Eric Dickerson Panini Hof Auto Cutoutwhat resonated most with collectors and fans were the racquetball goggles and horseshoe neck brace he sported. It was unique, just like the way he played, and made him stand out in every way.

Selected with the 2nd overall pick by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1983 NFL Draft, Dickerson immediately emerged on the scene. As a rookie, he set an all-time rookie rushing record with 1,808 yards on 390 carries and 18 touchdowns. The following season, he set an all-time single season rushing record with 2,105 yards on 379 carries and 14 touchdowns. In his first four seasons in the NFL, Dickerson rushed for an incredible 6,968 yards and 55 touchdowns and finished his 11-year career with 13,259 yards and 90 touchdowns.

Dickerson was different and continues to set himself apart from the competition.

Recently, Dickerson got into the wild world of NFTs and is promoting a 1-of-1 “Hall of Fame” NFT that includes benefits. The entity or individual that purchases the NFT will receive a trip for two on a private plane to Las Vegas for Dickerson’s College Football Hall of Fame induction on December 7, 2021. The owner of the NFT will be an honored guest of SMU.

In a recent interview, captured by our own Russ Cohen, Dickerson talked about his career, as well as the 1-of-1 NFT, which is the only one in Dickerson’s collection to feature his signature.

It’s great to see that Dickerson has entered the world of collectibles. Although he’s in the NFT world and not trading cards, it’s still fun to see athletes of his stature get involved with collectors in some way.


Off the Uprights: Eric Dickerson Football Cards and NFTs – Cards Worth Chasing

For collectors who are interested in Dickerson’s football cards, there are many available at very reasonable prices.

The card to get of Dickerson is his 1984 Topps rookie card. It’s a classic card with a great design and features a profile image of Dickerson with no helmet, sporting his infamous goggles.

Just a quick note on Dickerson’s goggles. While collectors and fans loved the look, Dickerson later admitted that he hated wearing them. The reason why he wore the goggles was because if he tried to wear contacts in a game, they’d pop out after the first hit.

Some other favorite cards to get your hands on are Dickerson’s 1984 Topps Glossy Send-In, 1984 Topps Glossy Inserts, 1985 Topps All-Pro, 1993 Classic Pro Line Live Autograph /900 and 1999 Topps Hall of Fame Autograph.

Also, there are a lot of beautiful modern Dickerson autographed cards produced by Panini that would be a perfect addition to any collection. And, if you’re just on the hunt for the perfect Dickerson card that showcases his goggle-look, don’t look any further than 1987 Topps. You’ll thank us later!


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