Panini America HQ received a question from a dealer regarding the upcoming release of Playbook Hockey. Director of Sales, Tim Franz, sent the following reply to its customer base to address the question of how Playbook fits into the category.

“We sent a response to a customer on Friday that inquiring about the difference between Playbook Football at $200 vs. Playbook Hockey at $100 – our response was formulated by our hockey PDT team and I thought the answer and content was  that I wanted to forward this to all of you:

Playbook Hockey changed to the $100 SRP since it allows collectors to give the Playbook brand a chance at $100. It is a proven price point for HKY. At $200 we had Dominion and $250 for Prime. We felt the $100 price point is a great price point, thus we delivered 50% of the content at 50% of the SRP. We also lower the CASE SRP to encourage case preorders for distributors and customer case orders via stores and group breaks.

The ideas in the Football were truly unique to Football since the Playbook sketches are more of a FB theme since players have a play in every down. In the other sports, there isn’t a playbook that players need to memorize. In reference to Coaches, we had coaches signatures in 10-11 Crown Royale and the cards did not perform well in the secondary marketplace. Down and Dirty cards are grass and dirt stains. In Hockey we have only have light puck marks.

 The product will be known about the uniqueness of the booklets and the base cards (see attached card images):

  • The most unique base cards , where two cards combine to form the team’s logo
  • The dual rookie classes of the 12 vs 13 rookies.
  • Then and Now Cards featuring Memorabilia players of the one players on different teams
  • Armory cards featuring 6 unique pieces of memorabilia inc. Jersey, Prime, Patch, Stick, Glove,  Skates etc
  • Split Decision mem cards are an INDUTSRY first! Cards that feature a photo that prints across the entire booklets (even on the seam between the cards)
  • Nickname booklets that feature a die cut of the Player’s moniker they are famous for”

Playbook Hockey Cards






Mfg Response: Panini Addresses Questions Regarding Playbook Hockey

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