Panini Black FridayBlack Friday has become part of our hobby vernacular thanks to companies with the vision and foresight to take advantage of the narrow window of opportunity the day presents. On a day designated for consumers, including collectors, to open their wallets for holiday purchases, it only makes sens that manufactures and retailers would want to be included in the hoopla. That said, Panini America is preparing for their annual Black Friday Promotion which has become a huge hit in recent years.

Started in 2011 and now in its third year, the program continues to grow. Open to all qualifying Panini Roundtable stores, of which there are approximately 1,100 in North America, hobby shop owners have been largely positive on the experience and the opportunity it presents to drive incremental revenue.

As the program has continued to evolve, one thing has remained constant and that is the individual store owners determining how the packs will be used to drive traffic and sales. On Panini’s part, they make sure the print run of the exclusive packs are loaded with worthy content including autographs and limited edition memorabilia cards. One key change to the 2013 Panini Black Friday Promotion is that one quarter of the exclusive Black Friday packs will be distributed to retailers free of charge. More can be acquired by making specific qualifying purchases. Dealers, contact your GTS Sales Representative for more specific information. Collectors, be sure to ask if your local hobby shop will be participating in the 2013 Panini Black Friday Promotion.



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