Panini Wraps Successful Collegiate Bowl Inaugural FanFestSuccessful Inaugural NFLPA Collegiate Bowl FanFest Presented by Panini wraps up – This past weekend, Panini America, the exclusive trading card licensee of the NFL and NFLPA, served as host to the first ever NFLPA Collegiate Bowl FanFest presented by Panini. The one-day event preceded the Collegiate Bowl game itself on the grounds of the Stub Hub Center near Los Angeles, CA. 

The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, is a posts-season college football game for draft-eligible players. The marquee event was started in 2012 as a way to allow NCAA players who have declared for the NFL Draft, to showcase their on-field talents in a competitive environment, one last time.

Panini Wraps Successful Collegiate Bowl Inaugural FanFest

Karlos Williams (Buffalo Bills), Nelson Agholor (Philadelphia Eagles), Jay Ajaji (Miami Dolphins)

The well attended event provided fans and collectors the opportunity to get their hands on Panini football products while interacting with several NFL rookies including Karlos Williams (Buffalo Bills), Nelson Agholor (Philadelphia Eagles), Jay Ajaji (Miami Dolphins) and Stefon Diggs (Minnesota Vikings), to name just a few of the high profile players attending the event.

The group of young NFL rookies truly had a good time as evidenced by several of the photos taken at the event. They each eagerly and happily interacted with fans of all ages in celebration of the sport.

Ray Schulte, President & CEO of Schulte Sports a full service sports marketing agency, who helped promote the event said, “The inaugural NFLPA Collegiate Bowl FanFest attraction, presented by Panini was a huge success and one of the highlights of the NFLPA’s annual bowl game.  Fans and collectors had the opportunity to meet NFL rookie players, take home free autographs and enjoy the Panini interactive exhibits and giveaways from Panini, the exclusive NFLPA licensed trading card partner.”

Successful Inaugural NFLPA Collegiate Bowl FanFest Presented by Panini – Image Gallery

Dozens of exhibitors were in attendance, providing collectors numerous opportunities to open Panini football products and even participate in group breaks. Mike Jasperson and his son Nick of Jaspy’s Hobbyland were on hand for the event and were kind enough to answer some questions and provide feedback.

1. What expectations, if any, did you have going into the event?

Panini Wraps Successful Collegiate Bowl Inaugural FanFest

Nick Jasperson of Jaspy’s Hobbyland shows off an 8-way signature card pulled during a break of 2015 Donruss Signature Series

Our expectations were to be teaching the attendees of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl Game about group breaks. Many of them have not collected cards since the late 80’s/90’s. We were also expecting to give our online audience, an exciting live event feel and experience (. . .  as they watched the break.)

2. If so, how did the event meet those expectations?

We were able to educate a lot of fans on the new ways to collect and how much sports cards have changed in the past decade. We were able to play our Breaking 101 video to teach them how a group break works.  – We also were able to promote our card shop which is only about 15 minutes away from the StubHub center. We were able to hand out flyers and coupons telling them to stop by. We really had a blast at the event! (For more information about Jaspy’s Hobbyland, and their regular schedule of online breaks open to the public, please visit them online) and be sure to tell them GoGTS sent you.)

3. What was a personal highlight for you from the day’s events?

Panini Wraps Successful Collegiate Bowl Inaugural FanFest

Minnesota Vikings rookie, Stefon Diggs, says hi to participants in an online break.

The best part for us would probably be when we were able to break live with NFL rookies, Nelson Agholor and Stefon Diggs, and getting them to interact with our online customers when we were breaking Panini’s 2015 Donruss Signature Series Football.

4. What were some of the reactions by fans to seeing some of the Panini football card products?

The fans at the game were very excited to see how much sports cards have evolved. When we were breaking with Nelson Agholor and Stefon Diggs, a lot of the fans who got free autographs from them stopped to watch our break afterwards. They got to see some exciting hits, including a 8-Way Autographed Booklet of quarterbacks who were drafted #1 overall!

Panini Wraps Successful Collegiate Bowl Inaugural FanFest

8-Way Signature Card of #1 Overall NFL Draft Picks pulled by Jaspy’s Hobbyland from 2015 Donruss Signature Series Football

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