Player Profile: Ronda Rousey MMA Trading Cards – Ever since her arrival on the MMA seen in 2010, Ronda Rousey has been a force to be reckoned with. Demand is high for her MMA trading cards and memorabilia.

Ronda Rousey’s first officially licensed UFC trading cards can be found in two 2012 Topps UFC products. Rousey has multiple cards in both 2012 Topps UFC Finest and 2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines. Her checklist of cards in UFC Bloodlines, in particular, is quite extensive.

In addition to Rousey’s base rookie card, which has multiple parallels, she has an autographed rookie card, relic card and autographed relic card, all of which also have printing plate parallels. All of her rookie cards command top dollar including her non-autographed base card as evidenced by .

Player Profile: Ronda Rousey MMA Trading Cards Rookie Card Gallery – 2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines

Player Profile: Ronda Rousey MMA Trading Cards Rookie Card Gallery 2 – 2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines

However, despite as impressive as some of Ronda Rousey’s 2012 Topps UFC Bloodlines cards routinely sell for it is her autographed rookie card from 2012 Topps UFC Finest that draws the big bucks. The reason for this being the case, is that it is her very first autographed card!

The popularity of Rousey’s trading cards isn’t limited to strictly here rookie cards. It’s quite the contrary actually. In 2012, Rousey was still fighting for the MMA Strikeforce organization. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) purchased the circuit and signed many of the organization’s fighters to official UFC contracts.

Ronda Rousey made her UFC debut on February 23rd, 2013. She beat Liz Carmouche by armbar submission in the first round. Her dominance in the fight sparked even more interest in her trading cards. As a result, her first cards appearing after her UFC debut are very popular with collectors. Rousey has cards, including autographs in the full roster of 2013 Topps UFC products including:

Player Profile: Ronda Rousey MMA Trading Cards – 2013 Topps UFC Gallery

As a result of her charismatic personality, good lucks and utter domination in the octagon, Ronda Rousey has been able to parlay her success into mainstream opportunities in terms of product endorsements and even acting roles. Her popularity continues and as a result, here autographed and memorabilia cards continue to perform well on the secondary market.

Demand for Ronda Rousey’s trading cards remains high and she is now a staple in the Topps UFC portfolio of products including those from 2014 and 2015. You can find out more about the products her cards can be found in by following the links below.

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