Pokémon CCG: Best of BW Tins #2

Pokémon CCG: Best of BW Tins #2

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Pokémon CCG: Best of BW Tins #2 – Product Description & Content:

Configuration: 12 Tins Per Case – 3 tins of each character

  • The four tins in this assortment are: Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem and Keldeo!
  • There are 4 boosters per tin plus the matching character’s EX card.
  • The 4 Boosters included in these tins are taken from a mix of: BW11 Legendary Treasures, BW10 Plasma Blast, BW7 Boundaries Crossed, BW6 Dragons Exalted and BW4 Next Destinies.
  • A case contains 3 of each character each tin for twelve tins total per case!

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Pokémon CCG: Best of BW Tins #2

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