Press Pass Announces a Bonus to Honor the Legacy of Dale Earnhardt

DaleCharlotte, NC – Press Pass is pleased to announce the return of its super-high-end trading card release, Five Star, with a twist to acknowledge the return of the #3 car to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the first time since 2001. In addition to the inclusion of Rookie cards, autos and memorabilia featuring the driver of the new era #3 car, Austin Dillon, every third case will also include a bonus card of Dale Earnhardt, which will be numbered to 25 or less, including rare material cards and cut signatures. Every three box case will also feature at least one autographed patch book card, numbered to only 1! Featuring a roster of only the elite drivers, Five Star delivers unprecedented value as well as some of the most exciting trading cards to ever hit the market.

Each upscale, leather box of Five Star features five cards, including one base or parallel card numbered to 15 or less; one autographed material card numbered to 50 or less; one autograph card numbered to 10 or less, or an additional autographed material card; one dual, triple, quad, or oversized memorabilia card numbered to 25 or less; and one book card numbered to 10 or less. Each card features substantially thick card stock and superb foil treatments, giving Five Star an elegant look and feel that is beyond comparison.

Five Star offers Press Pass’ line of Classic Compilations book cards featuring 1 of 1 autographed patch cards, multi-driver autographed memorabilia cards, dual, triple, quad and 5-piece autographed memorabilia cards, cut signature cards of legend drivers paired with their legendary relatives, and more. Rare instant win cards will be included for “NASCAR® 50 Greatest Drivers” lithographs, featuring original signatures of Dale Earnhardt and many others. As an extra bonus, autograph hits from another great “driver”, Jack Nicklaus, will also fall in random boxes throughout the run.

The luxurious packaging, elite roster of drivers, first-rate card quality, unprecedented value, and one-of-a-kind cards put Press Pass Five Star in a class all its own. This highly anticipated release will be available on January 23, 2014.




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