Product Rewind: 2014/15 – 2015/16 Panini Gala Basketball – Looking for a mid-range priced basketball brand with a premium look and and feel? Wanting more dynamic designs, uniquely themed inserts and ON-CARD autograph content? Do you like diverse technology like rainbow foil, holographic and acetate? Well, than, look no further than Gala NBA Basketball from Panini America.

Now in its second year, this relative newcomer to the NBA licensed trading card market provides a diverse range of technology, content and value.

2015-16 Panini Gala Basketball DeAngelo Russell Rookie Card 2Remember when base set rookie cards were actually worth something? So does Panini. That is why every rookie card in Gala Basketball is serial numbered to just 8 copies! Yes, it is an exercise in artificial scarcity but the secondary market, meaning collectors wallets, have been voting that this is a concept that works. 

The pictured D’Angelo Russell rookie card from 2015-16 Panini Gala Basketball recently sold for $305! Another copy exceeded that price selling for $450!  No autograph, no memorabilia, just an extremely short-printed base card. That also happens to look great!

In all honesty, these cards look much better in hand than a flat scan. The holographic, rainbow foil is lost on a scanned image. Here is a picture, taken at an angle of the one that sold for $450, which allows you to see the reflective technology.

2015-16 Panini Gala Basketball DeAngelo Russell Rookie Card Uncropped

The color action photograph and contrasting black and white head shot provides a stark dichotomy of design. However, this isn’t the only card design within the set that takes the idea of thinking “outside the box” to a whole new level.

Cinematic Signatures is a stunning new concept and another example of cards that need to be held to truly be appreciated. Find the NBA’s headliners and up-and-coming stars in Cinematic Signatures! This brand-new set showcases signatures of the NBA’s best and brightest with a wide-angle action shot printed on a holographic/acetate combo card! Check out this one of Kobe Bryant. Despite the literally, tens of thousands of autographed cards he has in the market, they still command a premium. This one sold for $159

2015-16 Panini Gala Basketball Kobe Bryant Cinematic Signatures

2014-15 Panini Gala NBA Basketball Cards made their original debut as an International ONLY release! These cards are now available to collectors and dealers here in North America.

2014-15 Panini Gala Basketball delivers (3) ON-CARD Autographed Cards, (1) Premium Memorabilia Card and (1) Premium Base Card in Every Box!

  • ALL cards are numbered to 99 or less!!
  • Rookie Cards are numbered to just 8 total copies making them some of the rarest in the hobby!
  • Features a 100-Card Base Set comprised of (83) top tier veteran stars and (17) top rookie draft picks!

panini-america-2014-15-gala-basketball 8The thematic concept that NBA basketball is played on a “grand stage” and fit for dramatic happenings on the “silver screen”, was brought to life in an additional autographed insert set.

Simply titled, Silver Screen Signatures, the card design features a filmstrip motif with a color action photo on acetate serving as the film cell. The ON-CARD autograph and inclusion of a larger monochrome photograph provides a striking contrast that combines to create a card with great eye appeal.

By keeping a consistent theme across the autographed insert sets, Gala NBA Basketball Cards provides collectors with a consistent break experience. As a result, the perceived value of the break has often resulted in unplanned, additional purchases.

You don’t have to have an MBA to understand that a product with this built in ability to create repeat sales is key to driving revenue for shop owners at the brick-and-mortar level.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the last two NBA Draft classes have produced some marquee rookies. Many of which are already cornerstones of their respective NBA franchises.

The 2015-16 version of Panini Gala NBA Basketball Cards, really took a big step forward. Far from suffering a sophomore slump, 2015-16 Panini Gala NBA Basketball Cards have been on fire! It’s not surprising as Panini added an additional autograph or memorabilia card in every box. As if that wasn’t enough of a value boost, they also dropped the serial numbering on all autographs and memorabilia to 60 or less!!

In addition, the rookie card checklist was expanded from 17 players in 2014-15 to a total of 25 players in the 2015-16 release.

2015-16 Panini Gala Basketball Cards delivers (4) Autographed or Memorabilia Cards #’d to 60 or less and (1) Base Card in Every Box! Look for the return of Gala Rookies featuring 25 NBA freshman with each card #’d to just 8 copies!

For more information about each of the Panini Gala NBA Basketball Card products, please click on the product name below.

Product Rewind: 2014/15 – 2015/16 Panini Gala Basketball –  Image Gallery

2015-16 Panini Gala NBA Basketball Cards

2014-15 Panini Gala NBA Basketball Cards

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