Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – The immense growth in popularity of soccer, here in the United States, has proven to be a key driver for Panini America’s product development team. Corresponding to the increased popularity of the sport itself is the increased demand for sports collectibles in the category, including trading cards.

The UEFA Champions League is widely regarded as being among the most elite in the world.  When you combine the world’s greatest footballers on a checklist featured in one of the hobby’s most dynamic brands, it is a surefire formula for a winning product. The abundance of soccer products, released by multiple manufacturers, in 2020-21, may have caused this one to fly under the radar. Here’s a closer look at 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards.

Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – Pack-out

Mosaic UEFA Euro was distributed in three configurations; a standard Hobby version as well as a Hobby Hybrid and Choice versions. Currently, hobby boxes deliver a better value and will be the focus of this product rewind. Every hobby box will  yield (1) Autographed Card, (5) Silver Prizm Parallels, (15) Mosaic Prizm Parallels and (20) Inserts.

The single autograph card in the box, at the initial price point, may have kept collectors at bay. However, at current prices and the prospect of hitting an autograph of a marquee player, NOW is definitely the time to try or retry a box. Additionally, there is still plenty of value in the parallels and inserts to justify the current price of $105-$120.

For group case breakers, the pack-out configuration of 12 boxes per case and the single auto makes for a, relatively quick break with plenty of profit potential.

  • Configuration: 12 boxes/10 packs/15 cards


2020 21 Panini Mosaic Uefa Euro Soccer Hobby Box

Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – Design, Base Set, RCs

The Mosaic brand has been extremely popular with collectors since its inception. Highlighted by a myriad of color, patterns and parallels, Mosaic utilizes these design elements to create a trading card that captures the eye. The 200-Card Base Set features a wide range of players from all across Europe including: Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappe, Jadon Sancho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ansu Fati, Gareth Bale, and many more. The Key Rookie Card on the checklist belongs to that of Eduardo Camavinga.

Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – Parallels & Inserts

Much like Panini’s popular flagship Prizm brand, Mosaic features a variety of parallels. These are highlighted by the Silver Mosaic Prizm. As in basketball, Silver Prizms and Silver Prizm Mosaics have been identified by collectors as a key differentiator among other cards in the product. They carry a premium, particularly those designated as rookies.

Additionally, Mosaic UEFA Euro showcases an absolute plethora of Mosaic Prizm Parallels to the base set.

  • Mosaic Red 
  • Mosaic Blue (#’d/99)
  • Mosaic Purple (#’d/49)
  • Mosaic Pink (#’d/25)
  • Mosaic Gold (#’d/10)
  • Mosaic Black (#’d/1)

In addition to the standard Mosaics above, the product also includes the following:

  • Blue Pulsar (varied #’ing)
  • Circles Black (#’d/1)
  • Circles Blue (#’d/99)
  • Circles Purple (#’d/49)
  • Circles White (#’d/25)
  • Circles Gold (#’d/10)
  • Purple Fluorescent (#’d/70)
  • Orange Fluorescent (#’d/25)
  • Blue Fluorescent (#’d/15)
  • Gold Fluorescent (#’d/10)
  • Pink Fluorescent (#’d/10)
  • Gold Pulsar
  • Reactive Gold 
  • Red Pulsar
  • Camo Pink 
  • Genesis
  • Green

Look for the HOBBY-EXCLUSIVE Stained Glass inserts, along with these three other insert sets – International Men of Mastery, Pitch Masters and Montage.

Stained Glass uses a color and pattern reminiscent of stained glass windows, as the name implies. Montage is a dynamic insert that utilizes multiple player photos on a horizontal design. Every pack of Mosaic UEA Euro contain a diverse array of eclectic and colorful content. Each of the insert sets can be found in several parallels as well.

Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – Autographs 

Collectors can find Euro Autographs Mosaic, which are parallels of the base set. Also look for the Euro Scripts Mosaic. Each of these autograph sets also come in a wide variety of colorful Mosaic parallels. The checklist features current and past stars of the tournament including such megastars as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and next generation stars like Ansu Fati, just to name a few.

Product Rewind: 2020-21 Panini Mosaic UEFA Euro Soccer Cards – Checklist, Sell Sheet, Additional Resources

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