QubiQUBI IT and WIN A BOX OF TOPPS MLB QUBIs – Collectors, kids and sports fans across the country are enjoying one of Topps newest products…MLB Qubis. These are awesome, unique clear cubes featuring your favorite MLB Stars and a rubber stamp of their signature, portrait or team logo! There are so many ways you can enjoy them; stack them in your office, stamp your notepads, folders and papers, hang them from your car mirrors. The list goes on and on.

In fact, Topps wants to see how you “QUBI IT” for a chance to win a box of 18 MLB QUBIS! There are several ways to win, here’s how:

  • Head out to your favorite retailer and pick up a pack or two of Topps MLB QUBIs.
  • QUBI IT! – Rip the pack, take a picture of how you enjoy your Topps MLB QUBI. Is it the team logo stamped on your favorite stationary? Maybe you QUBI your breakfast banana? Who knows, get creative with it!
  • Send us a picture on Twitter to @toppscards and use the hashtag- #howiQUBIIT – Also, be sure to follow us!
  • OR, post the picture on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/Topps and make the post headline “How I QUBI IT.” Be sure to give us a “Like” as well.

Topps will be giving away boxes of QUBIS on Twitter and Facebook over the next 3 weeks for the most creative pics!

So let’s see how you QUBI IT!



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