Resolution Phomatching Offers New Screen Sharing Consultations

Resolution Phomatching Offers New Screen Sharing Consultations – We received the following press release from top-rated photomatching authentication company, Resolution Photomatching. It has reprinted in its entirety (with minor edits for clarity) below for your convenience.

Resolution Phomatching Offers New Screen Sharing Consultations

Resolution Phomatching Offers New Screen Sharing Consultations

We’re always looking for new things we can do to further perfect our service. Since our creation, we have always held ourselves to the highest standard in photomatching authentication. A major part of that is our comparison analysis process.

For every item we work on, before the determination of a conclusive photomatch can be made, we perform our comparison analysis to research and confirm that the characteristics we are relying on to make the determination of a conclusive photomatch are definitively unique to only that specific item.

As a result with now over 1,000 photomatches made, not a single Resolution Photomatch has been proven inaccurate or even cast into serious question.

Unfortunately, in recent months we have seen a number of “photomatches” made by others in the industry that we have found to be either inconclusive, or in some cases even conclusive non-matches. For this reason we cannot encourage strongly enough the importance of each individual collector looking closely at the photomatches themselves before purchasing items.

We’ve struggled to come up with the best solution to this industry problem. While we can’t control what others in the industry do, we can continue to firmly stand behind every Resolution Photomatch we make. And we’ve found a new way to do that.

We’re now offering free Skype screen sharing consultations to anyone, for any item with a Resolution Letter of Photomatch. We encourage collectors to look deeper into our photomatches just like any other photomatches, and this is a great way to do so.

Just email us about the item you’d like to discuss, and we’ll schedule a time to personally get on a Skype call with you. On the call we can show you every image we looked at, and explain exactly what we saw that allowed us to make the determination of a conclusive photomatch.

Resolution Photomatching was founded on July 8, 2016, and was the first professional side-by-side photomatching company established in the game used industry. Resolution’s success led to a significant shift in authentication within the industry, and today a photomatch is the most sought-after form of authentication by most collectors.
Resolution continues to be the leader in game used photomatching, and we work hard to do everything possible for our clients. We are the trusted photomatching source for the industry’s top auction houses, and even more importantly for hundreds of individual collectors. Our promise to every one of our clients is this: if a matching image to your game used item is out there, we will find it!
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