Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon GoRetailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go –  Pokémon GO is on fire! All kinds of local businesses are quickly capitalizing on the traffic the app is generating: coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, retail shopping outlets, and more. But none of those businesses have Pokémon products to sell.

Fortunately, yours does!

GTS Distribution has put together this quick guide to help you get ideas on how to take advantage of this truly unprecedented opportunity.

In this brief guide, you’ll find a few in-game terms to help you understand how Pokémon GO works, as well as some great ideas put to use by other brick and mortar gaming retailers in their own words!

We hope this helps you catch ‘em all and maximize this opportunity this Summer!!

Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go – FAQ


Pokémon GO gets people’s attention, holds it, and gets them moving. This could either distract your customers, keeping them away from your store while they network with friends and catch Pokémon, avoiding all your in-store events – OR you could leverage this phenomenon to give players an extra reason to come to your store and benefit from it. After all, you have a lot of Pokémon stuff for them to buy!

How do I know if my store is a PokeStop or Gym?

Download and install the Pokémon GO app while standing in your store. If the big flashy Gym icon, or blue pedestal icon (PokeStop) is where you are, you’re in luck.

If my store isn’t a PokeStop or Gym, can I make that happen?

At this time, there is no official way to simply make your store a PokeStop or Gym. But you can register your store via an application process through the link below.


How are business– even game stores like mine– taking advantage of Pokémon GO and attracting more players into stores?

That’s precisely what this guide is about. What follows next are the ideas and suggestions from other brick and mortar gaming retailers, in their own words, that were posted on Facebook and Reddit this month. We hope you find them useful!

Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go

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Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go – Terminology

PokeStop: PokeStops are specific physical locations that players can go to gather valuable items. Your store may be one of them. Players are always looking for PokeStops and will venture there to claim the goodies.

Gym: Gyms are locations where players can train or battle each other. Your store may also be a Gym.

Lure: An in-app device that players (or you) can deploy, attracting lots of new Pokémon (and thus other players) to their location. Only works at PokeStops.

1. In the app, tap on the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen.
2. Select ‘SHOP.’
3. You’ll need coins, so scroll down and purchase some. Lures cost 100 coins, which is the equivalent of $1.00
4. Next, purchase your lures from the same ‘SHOP’ screen.
5. To drop a lure, you must be at a Pokéstop (see example below).
6. While back in game mode, tap the Pokéball again, and tap ‘ITEMS.’ Then select your lure to place it. That’s it!
Each lure will last for 30 minutes after you place it.

Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go

Retailers Complete Guide to Pokémon Go – What fellow business owners are doing

GP Bloom We’re setting up lures all day for our Magic: The Gathering Eldritch Moon pre-release and our upcoming Pokémon pre-release we got through GTS Distribution.

Eric Down Been doing this since launch day. We’ve spent only $20 so far. Once we put up the first one each afternoon, people flock to the store…

Michael Moore We actually dropped a lure in our front door pokestop this past Sunday. It brought in a few groups of kids who are now excited for steam siege.

Otto Cargill My shop is actually a gym so we have been hosting weekend events to invite the teams in to battle. We have created and posted signs to let our customers know that we are an official Gym (though most find out pretty quick when they come in and see all the players haha) plus we are designing a custom pin-back button to give out to players who capture our gym at our events, just like the characters in the video games would get.

Matt Johnson This Sunday we’re organizing a Pokewalk for Team Mystic starting at our store and hitting 5 gyms and over 20 pokestops over a 2 mile walk. Our store is the midpoint location so we pass by a couple of times where the store is providing charging stations and water for players to stay hydrated and charged. Special prizes go out to the highest CP and most Pokémon caught on the trek.

Matt Berndt I saw a place that had a 10% off for whichever gym was in control at the time of purchase.

Lord_Cthulhu As a manager for a store PoGo is f***ing amazing. SO. MUCH. FOOT TRAFFIC. Time to invest in some lures.

Micah Lee Have them come in at the start of the “event” to record their largest Pokémon. Offer charging station and discount. Let them loose to hit those stops for a few hours, then they come back in at the end of the event and compare against their record. Prize and recognition to the biggest, an extra discount, and then regular promotion to the rest.

Matt Fantastic Getting a ton of traffic and “wow I never knew this place existed, can’t wait to come back.”

Dawn Studebaker Over the weekend, we offered everyone to come to our pokestop and stop inside to receive a promo. We passed out Pokémon singles as the promo… If you purchased something you got a Pokémon badge. It was awesome. Inside we had our regular Pokémon league going on and picked up a few new players that way too.

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