Soccer Future Watch: Aymeric Laporte Soccer Cards, Al NassrLaporte Topps Foil AutoSoccer Future Watch: Aymeric Laporte Soccer Cards, Al Nassr – Aymeric Laporte is one of the greatest examples of cross-pollination in international soccer today. He was born in France and competes for the Spanish national team. He broke out into superstardom in the English Premier League, and is presently suiting up for Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League. Laporte has been able to meld different influences into his game to become of the best centre-backs in the world. Evidenced by his strong defensive prowess and excellent passing ability.

Laporte’s youth play at Bilbao led to joining the big squad in La Liga in December 2012. There, he earned a starting spot in just his second week. In his second season, Laporte was named to the La Liga Team of the Year.

As might be expected, Laporte made it onto the radar of Manchester City. They acquired him for a record transfer sum in the January 2018 window. Paying dividends almost immediately, Laporte helped his team to perform an unprecedented feat, capturing championships in the Premier League, FA Cup and EFL Cup in the 2018-19 season. Additionally, they won the Community Shield. During Laporte’s run in the Sky Blues uniforms, the team won the Premier League five times, the FA Cup twice, and the EFL Cup three times. They won the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup once apiece. Laporte Soccer Future Watch: Aymeric Laporte Soccer Cards, Al Nassrtransferred to Al Nassr in August 2023.

On the international stage, Laporte has been equally instrumental to success. Laporte performs a great many functions that are invaluable to his teams. Consider that, in his final Premier League season, Laporte placed in the 93rd percentile and above in each of the following categories: shots total, shot-creating actions, passes attempted, pass completion, progressive passes and progressive carries. With the skill set that Laporte brings to the game, many more years of success lie ahead of him in his storied career.

Laporte’s cards and stickers, dating back to 2014, include offerings from Topps, Certified and Futera, and many from Panini as well. Parallels and inserts are available, with coveted brands such as National Treasures and Impeccable on the market. Autographed items are available from both and the latter includes memorabilia.

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