Whatever you call him, The Sultan of Swat, The Great Bambino or simply . . . Babe, it takes a special kind of person to have their last name transformed into an adjective. However, that is exactly what George Herman Ruth did with his “Ruthian” accomplishments from the batter’s box during his illustrious career. Now, for the first time in 10-years, Babe Ruth returns to Panini baseball cards with the upcoming release of Diamond Kings Baseball.

2015 Diamond Kings Baseball will release, to the delight of collectors, worldwide this coming April 22nd. The brand has an iconic and legendary reputation that has been loved for generations. The inclusion of Babe Ruth in the product puts the game’s all-time greatest “Diamond King” within reach of the average collector in the form of game-used memorabilia cards, cut signatures, unique inserts, rare parallels and more.


By bringing this degree of Ruth content to the collectibles marketplace, Panini carries on a tradition dating back to the precursor of the company’s acquisition of the then Donruss company. In 2003, Donruss made history and garnered international, mainstream media coverage, when the company purchased a Babe Ruth, game-worn, New York Yankees, home jersey. The company presented Ruth’s grand-daughter with the first cards produced using pieces of the jersey.

Now, 12-years later, Babe Ruth will once again take his rightful place in the collectibles hall of fame with a new version of truly “Ruthian” memorabilia cards. For complete details about Panini’s latest baseball card offering, please, visit the 2015 Diamond Kings Baseball product page.

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