Super Mario Dog Tags & Fun Packs from ENTERPLAY. Presenting one of the most popular and iconic video game characters of all-time, Super Mario, in an all new product line of fun packs, dog tags, and collectible tins.

Fun Packs Configuration: 20 boxes/24 packs/4 items*
* Each pack contains (1) Dog Tag, (1) Foil Trading Card, (1) Sticker/Decal, (1) Collector’s List

Deluxe Blister Configuration: 6 inners/12 blisters/ 2 items*
* Each blister pack contains (1) Deluxe Tag & Chain, (1) Mini Tag & Chain

Collectible Tin Configuration: 36 tins/6 items*
* Each tin contains (1) Deluxe Tag, (1) Special Foil Card, (3) Dog Tag Fun Packs

Super Mario Fun Packs, Dog Tags & Collectible Tin PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Super Mario Fun Packs – Everyone’s favorite plumber is here along with friends and foes in this exciting collection of stunning trading cards, dog tags and stickers! Each Super Mario Dog Tag Fun Pack includes (1) Foil Trading Card, (1) Dog Tag, (1) Decal/Sticker, and (1) Collector’s List. There’s something for every fan in this stunning collection!
  • Features include:
    • 24 silver tags in packs
    • Gold finish tags (Approx. 1:8 Packs, 6 to collect)
    • 8-bit, 2-D, and 3-D artwork!
    • Donkey Kong, Bowser, Koopalings, 8-bit Mario, Yoshi & More!
  • Super Mario Dog Tag Blister Packs – Give your collection a big 1-UP with these stunning Super Mario Dog Tags! Each Blister features (1) Deluxe Silver Dog Tag with debossed artork on both sides and (1) Mini Iconic Tag. With premium “debossed” designs, this is a stunning product that fans will be proud to have!
  • Features include:
    • Four total to collect – Mario, Bowser, Donkey Kong & Yoshi
    • Four stunning mini-tags
  • 3-D Mario & Luigi Dual Sided Collectible Tin w/ Handle – The world’s most popular video game characters are here on this gorgeous high-gloss, embossed collector’s tin. The 2-sided Super Mario & Luigi Tin w/ Handle is fun, brightly-colored, and filled with all kinds of collectible fun: (1) Special Foil Card, (1) Special Deluxe Tag, (3) Dog Tag Fun Packs, and (1) Poster.
  • Features include:
    • Dual 3D Images of Mario & Luigi on either side
    • Bright color in a high-gloss
    • Dog Tags using a variety of 8-bit, 2-D, and 3-D artwork!
    • Special Foil Trading Card
    • 1 Deluxe Dog Tag


Super Mario Tin

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