The Spoils CCG: Seed Saga – Descent of Gideon – Introducing Seed Saga: The Descent of Gideon, in which players are invited to rediscover the origins of the evil Emperor Barduse and play out the great knight Gideon ‘s fall from grace. Join Emperor Padamose ‘s crusade against the religious factions spurting up throughout his kingdom. Take on the role of obsessed Thabbashite priests, conniving Mau pirates, deceptive street urchins, magically enhanced golems, and the Greatest Swords Luridia has ever known.

Configuration: 12 boxes / 24 packs / 14 cards
Release Date: August 22nd, 2015

Descent of Gideon

Take your place in the Hall of Great Justice and fight to stop the wicked Elzibeth, or watch your world crumble into an age of darkness and despair. Pick up your sword. Join the fight.

The Spoils CCG: Seed Saga – Descent of Gideon Product Content

Each pack contains 14 cards:

  • 7 commons
  • 4 uncommons
  • 2 rares
  • 1 promo insert, including possible Ultra Rares

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