Topps Announces “2017 Rediscover Ultimate Card Giveaway” –  Topps is giving away 2 million cards in the 2017 Topps Rediscover Ultimate Card Giveaway! The company has acquired 2 million buyback cards from past releases over the lifetime of the Topps company.

Topps Announces "2017 Rediscover Ultimate Card Giveaway"

These limited edition cards will be inserted into packs in the following 2017 Topps Baseball releases:

What makes them limited edition cards? They will be stamped with a new foil Rediscover logo so consumers can identify them. Cards will fall roughly 1 in every 6 packs and all but the most valuable cards will include the stamping. There will be multiple levels of rarity in the foil logos which should also add additional value as collectors work to try to collect all versions of cards in the set.

There will be a very limited chance to win a redemption card for your choice of a Topps Now card ($9.99 value) as well as the chance to win exclusive Bunt cards only found in this program. These will be very rare and most of the 2 million cards will be “buy back” cards from past releases.

Also included in the program, will be promotional cards (also falling about 1 in 6 packs) that detail the program on one side and provide a code on the other that can unlock additional prizes when it is virtually redeemed at

These cards will be incremental in the packs (they will NOT replace a card) so they are truly a BONUS to the great content already planned for the aforementioned products.

Something that differentiates this program from ones in the past is that Topps’ advertising (including television) will be tagging this promotion to drive consumers to stores.

This promotion should drive HUGE interest in baseball trading cards this year.

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