Topps Doctor Who Timeless Autograph SignersTopps Doctor Who Timeless Autograph Signers –  Topps Doctor Who Timeless Trading Cards contains the most comprehensive list of autograph signers ever assembled with more than 40 new signers added. The Topps Doctor Who Timeless Trading Card release is the most comprehensive set dedicated to the historic television show ever released in the U.S.

With autographs from 75 different actors, including at least six Doctors and many fan favorites companions and guest stars, Topps is proud to announce 40 first-time signers.

We are very proud of Timeless,” said Topps Doctor Who brand manager Mark Von Ohlen.We dedicated a lot of time and effort to make the kind of trading card set that Whovians everywhere will love. We have a huge list of autograph signers and a variety of costume pieces to collect. This is the set that any Doctor Who fan out there will want to collect.”

Topps Doctor Who Timeless Trading Cards are set to come out this June. Each box will contain two hits of Topps Doctor Who Timeless Autograph Signersan autograph, costume or medallion card. While there are 100 base cards and 50 inserts to chase, the biggest draw to Topps Doctor Who Timeless will undoubtedly be the inclusive autograph checklist.

Among the new autograph signers is The Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, joining returning Doctors David Tennant, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Paul McGann. Other new signers include fan favorite companion Arthur Darvill, The Doctor’s archenemy Michelle Gomez, and memorable guest stars including Anthony Stewart Head, Russell Tovey, and Georgia Moffett.

Topps is thrilled to welcome back the actors who have made Doctor Who a favorite over the years. Also included in Topps Doctor Who Timeless are signatures from Billie Piper, Freeman Agyeman, Alex Kingston, Noel Clarke, John Barrowman and many classic companions.

This may not be the end of the list as more signers may be announced. Don’t miss out on the release of Topps Doctor Who Timeless Trading Cards. You can find them at local hobby shops and online retailers. Visit the official Doctor Who website.

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