Toy Focus: Eaglemoss Dr. Who Figure Collection #’s 38-47 – Doctor Who: Figurine Collection is a fortnightly figurine release originating in the UK in 2013 to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. Each 1:21 scale figurine is cast from 3D digital sculpts refined and approved by the BBC, before being cast in a special metallic resin. These are then hand painted using original production color references before being given final approval by the BBC.

Eaglemoss and Underground Toys continue to bring the latest in the Doctor Who: Figurine Collection to North American collectors! These polyresin figurines measure approximately 3.34″ tall, and cover all 50+ years of Doctor Who history…from the First Doctor to the Twelfth, along with every alien and villain introduced along the way. Collect them all!!!

Release Date: June, 2015
Configuration: 6 Pieces Per Case
NOTE: Each figurine comes packaged on a blister card, NOT with a magazine.

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #38 – JABE – Jabe met the Ninth Doctor in Series 1’s “The End of the World”, where she was one of the guests at Platform One to watch the final end of Earth. She later gave her life to save everyone on board.

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #39 – “GENESIS” DALEK – In 1981’s “Genesis of the Daleks”, The Fourth Doctor lands on Skaro when the Daleks were created. Does he have the right to change history and stop them forever? The “Genesis” Dalek recreates the classic cyborgs as they appear in this beloved Doctor Who episode.

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #40 – THE TWELFTH DOCTOR – The Twelfth Doctor, as played by Peter Capaldi, debuted in 2013’s “The Day of the Doctor”, the fiftieth anniversary special of Doctor Who. Uncompromising and determined, the latest Doctor has precious little time for niceties when he’s trying to save the universe.

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #41 – THE HALF-FACE MAN – A Clockwork Droid assigned to the SS Marie Antoinette sometime in the 51st century, The Half-Face Man fell back into prehistoric times and became stuck on Earth for millions of years. Now trapped, this Clockwork Droid replaces broken components with organic parts, which the Doctor has to stop!

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #42 – TERILEPTIL – First introduced in Season 19’s “The Visitation” storyline, the Terileptil crash-landed on Earth in 1666 near the future site of Heathrow Airport. Their plan? To wipe out humanity with an even deadlier version of the Black Death. They were foiled in the end by the Fifth Doctor, ultimately contributing to the Great Fire of London!

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #43 – THE “GOOD” DALEK (FROM “INTO THE DALEK”) – Formed during a mind link with the Twelfth Doctor as a result of the Doctor’s “Divine Hatred” for the Dalek race, the “Good” Dalek (aka “Rusty”) sees the birth of a star and realises the futility of the Dalek cause. Can it be used as a weapon against its own kind?

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #44 – CYBERMAN (FROM “THE TENTH PLANET”) – The Cybermen from Mondas made their debut in 1966’s “The Tenth Planet”, taking their place as one of the iconic aliens from Doctor Who. The First Doctor’s battle with these unique Cybermen from Earth’s twin planet led him to die, then regenerate for the very first time!

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #45 – KNIGHT (FROM “ROBOT OF SHERWOOD”) – In Series 8’s “Robot of Sherwood”, the Doctor meets impossible legend Robin Hood. Together they battle the Sheriff of Nottingham and his army of robot Knights.

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #46 – CASSANDRA – Originally introduced in Series One’s “The End of the World”, Lady Cassandra O’Brien.?17, or simply Lady Cassandra, considered hereself the last “pure” human. The Tenth Doctor and Rose meet the villainous ‘last human’ for the second time in the far, far future where the Sisters of Plenitude seem to be able to cure everything…

DOCTOR WHO: FIGURINE COLLECTION #47 – THE THIRD DOCTOR – The Third Doctor, as played by Jon Pertwee for five glorious years from 1970 to 1974, was rascally, sarcastic, and prickly; all qualities that would appear in a wide range of future Doctors. With his distinctive bouffant, trademark cravat and smoking jacket, the Third Doctor lived most of this period in exile on Earth, working with UNIT and facing off against the Master.

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