Toy Focus: POP! TV: SHERLOCK HOLMES – From Funko. The BBC’s modern take on the classic story of Sherlock Holmes now has its own Pop! series! The genius detective comes bedecked in his signature costume, as well as with his violin to help him work through any case!

Dr. John Watson, Holmes’ crime-fighting partner, and Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft, are the perfect additions to any Sherlock collection! Don’t forget to add the charming allure of Irene Adler, too! They’ll need all the help they can get to bring down a nefarious villain like Jim Moriarty!

Configuration: 6 pieces per inner and 6 inners per master case
Release Date: September, 2015

Available figures include:

  • Dr. John Watson
  • Irene Adler
  • Jim Moriarty
  • Mycroft Holmes
  • Sherlock Holmes

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