Toy Focus: Titans Mini-Figures – Breaking Bad, Buffy, Dragon Age, Alien – Titan Entertainment’s Titans mini figures are quickly becoming the go-to favorite for blind boxed collectors. And these four new releases are sure to be sought after by fans on both sides of the Pond. Whether you’re looking for your own Big Chap or Ripley (Alien), seeking to restart a romance between Buffy & Angel (BTVS), trying to cook up some meth with Heisenberg (Breaking Bad), or fighting off demons from the Fade (Dragon Age), there’s something for everyone, as a price that’s oh so nice!

  • Each figure is 3″ blind-boxed and some come with a character specific accessory.
  • PLUS: 4 hidden chase figures for you to hunt and collect!
  • RETAILERS: Please note that this item is ordered and ships in displays of 20 blind boxed figures.

Release Date: May, 2015

Toy Focus: Titans Mini-Figures – Breaking Bad, Buffy, Dragon Age, Alien

Titans Mini-Figures: Alien: The Nostromo Collection – From 20th Century Fox and Titan Merchandise comes Alien TITANS: The Nostromo Collection! The entire crew of the USCSS Nostromo are featured in this 12 piece set – including their stowaway, the infamous Xenomorph (nicknamed ‘Big Chap’).

From the secretive Science Officer Ash, to the ill-fated Kane, to the heroic Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, every member of the doomed star-freighter is featured in 3″ Blind-Boxed format. Also featured – in every stage of its evolutionary cycle- is the eponymous creature: Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster and adult Alien are all represented in vinyl form!


From Sony and Titan Merchandise, comes The Heisenberg Collection, celebrating the hit series Breaking Bad! This 12 piece set features mild mannered chemistry teacher Walter White as well as his murderous, drug dealing alter-ego Heisenberg, his naïve partner in crime Jesse Pinkman and a whole barrel full of friends and foes, including The Crystal Ship itself – The RV!

The set also includes Drug Kingpin Gus Fring in both his Cartel eliminating beige suit and his (spoiler alert) post explosion, exposed skull, tie-straightening outfit; his right-hand man Mike Erhmantraut; Walter White’s brother-in-law and determined DEA Agent Hank Schrader; the kleptomaniac and purple clad Marie Schrader; the breakfast loving Walt Jr. and, of course, everyone’s favorite crooked lawyer – Saul Goodman!


Titans Mini-Figures: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Welcome to the Hellmouth – From 20th Century Fox and Titan Merchandise come Buffy The Vampire Slayer TITANS: Welcome To The Hellmouth! Collecting the heroic Scooby gang and some of Sunnydale’s most monstrous villains this set features such familiar faces as the Slayer herself Buffy Summers, Witch-In-Training Willow, and mild-mannered Watcher Giles as well as the villainous Master and the terrible trio of Spike, Drusilla and Angelus.


Titans Mini-Figures: Dragon Age -The Heroes of Thedas – Titan Merchandise and Bioware are pleased to celebrate the hugely popular Dragon Age series with this range of TITANS – The Heroes of Thedas Collection! Collecting characters from across the series, this range includes Alistair the Grey Warden, the ‘Witch Of The Wilds’ Flemeth, Fenris the elven warrior, even a Mabari War Hound – and of course a Dragon!


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