Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Navigating Yelp

Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Navigating YelpUpper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Navigating Yelp – For shop owners unaware or unfamiliar with this particular online search tool, there are several things you should know. First, Yelp is a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum with over 100,000,000 monthly users. Yes, 100M! In fact, it is one of the fastest growing location-based service directories on the Internet. This means you need to know how it works and how it can help your business.

While the majority of your business is most likely derived from regular customers, all shops experience one-time customers. They may be looking to purchase a gift or be an avid collector in town on business or vacation. In most circumstances like these, these people are looking, not only for information about where to find you, but also the kind of business you run. 

Yelp’s user generated reviews can be a major influence when somebody is looking for an LCS in town. So what do you do to make the most of the site’s user traffic and capabilities? First and foremost is CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS at biz.yelp.com. Here you can list your store’s hours of operation, correct any default information and add up to ten captioned photos. Additionally, you can respond to any existing user-generated reviews. You may be surprised at what has already been said about your store.

Responding to reviews, both positive and negative is one of the most important things you can do on Yelp. Doing so also provides the reviewer an opportunity to amend or update their review and potentially increase their star ranking. This often happens when the business responds within 24-hours of the review being posted.

Some tips for responding to reviews on Yelp.

  1. Be professional and respectful
  2. Apologize for their experience
  3. Thank them for their review
  4. Us the feedback as an opportunity to better help future customers

Regardless if you think the customer was right or wrong about the statements made in their review, taking this approach can greatly change a misconception or bad experience.

So, go claim your business, check for any current reviews, respond professionally and carve out 10-minutes each week to stay up to date on what’s being said about your business.

Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Navigating Yelp

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Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Navigating Yelp