Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Psychology of Collecting

Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Psychology of CollectingUpper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Psychology of Collecting – As a store owner, did you know that you have the ability to influence buyer behavior that directly increases your bottom line? It’s true. The Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer Conference provided a wealth of insights into this intriguing topic.

Repeat purchasing is great for everyone involved in the collecting chain. From the manufacturer, distributor to your store and customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if every collector that comes into your shop to typically buy one box of a new product, instead bought two or, *gasp* even three? Incentivizing set completion or other collecting achievements can help in this regard.

While we all know that the number of base set collectors has dwindled, there are other aspects of a product that can be collected and rewarded. Consider doing a promotion for completion of a particular  insert set or completing a parallel run of a specific card number or player. Additionally, the rewards don’t have to be extravagant. You might be surprised at what can motivate and inspire collectors.

What if you showcased your customer’s achievements with their picture posted on your social media channels? Or better yet, how about creating a customer Wall of Fame. If space is limited, photos could be rotated out based on the current achievement attempting to be obtained.

Why does this work? Everyone seeks affirmation and validation for their achievements. This is even more true for collectors, who by nature, are completists that are emotionally wired to seek closure. This manifests itself not only by set completion but other aspects of collecting as well. Pursuing complete team signed memorabilia items is another great example.

The question as a hobby shop owner is how can you capitalize on this need of and joy for the hunt, the progress and the completion of a goal or achievement?

Stay tuned for more insights and takeaways from the Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealer Conference.

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Upper Deck CDD Conference Takeaways: Psychology of Collecting