More details were recently released from Upper Deck HQ with regards to their latest offering in the Marvel franchise of products. Marvel NOW! promises to be a product in strong demand by the brand’s loyal following of fans and collectors. This cross-over product is the perfect opportunity to market to not only traditional trading card collectors, but comic book collectors as well.

The entire set will be printed on 24-pt card stock with the variant parallels having a UV coating to give them a feel similar to the popular SP Authentic cards. There are (100) cards in the variant set and are seeded at a rate of  (1) Per Pack! Each pack will contain seven cards, which is generous, in that most comic themed trading card products, traditionally, pack-out with only four or five. Collectors can anticipate finding an average of (3) traditional “hits” per box configured as such:

Hit 1Sketch Card, Breakthrough Issues Multi-Autograph Card or Base Set Parallel #’d to 10

Hit 2Autograph Parallel of the Base Set

Hit 3 – Breakthrough Issues Autograph Card, Holo F/X Card or Printing Plate

The line-up of Autograph Signers is very impressive and includes the legendary Stan Lee himself as well as: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Steve Epting, Rick Remender, Mike Deodato Jr., Skottie Young, Mark Bagley, Arthur Adams, Walt Simonson, Mark Brooks, Jeph Loeb, Greg Land, Steve Mcnivin, Adam Kubert, and MANY others! Your customers know who these great comic creators are and their signatures will be in high demand. What’s more is that no autograph will have a print run over 100!

Not to be outdone, the roster of sketch artists is truly extraordinary and includes: Anthony Tan, Charles Hall, Cruddie Torian, Edward Cherniga, Elvin Hernandez, Freddie Williams, Jr., Glebe Bros (card images attached), Harold Edge, Jim Cheung, Joel Gomez, Kevin Sharpe, Matthew Clark, Ray-Anthony Height, Rhiannon Owens, Sanford Greene and MANY others!

Other product highlights include a (20) Card Short Printed High Series. Each box will contain (1) short printed original art card featuring characters in a retro style image. In addition, there are a number of elements that will be desirable for both master set collectors and hit chasers including:

  • Stan Lee Dual Autograph parallels to the Then and NOW! insert set
  • (130) “Breakthrough Issues” Comic Cover set
  • (100) card variant covers set fall 7 per box (completing this will be a challenge for set collectors)

For additional information, including how to order, visit the Marvel NOW! product page.


Upper Deck Delivers More Marvel NOW! Details

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