Upper Deck Dinosaurs Sketch Cards Sneak Peek – People have always been fascinated with dinosaurs. They probably always will be. The sheer size of some of these prehistoric creatures is enough to give even the bravest of outdoorsmen shivers. The idea of a planet inhabited with such animals has been the focus of several animated TV series, books and movies.

To say that dinosaurs have ingrained themselves within popular culture is hardly an understatement. The fact that the third film in the Jurassic franchise is scheduled as a blockbuster summer release is further testament to the enduring popularity of these strange, almost mythical creatures.

That is why Upper Deck’s foray into the dinosaur trading card genre is so perfectly timed. Capitalizing on the success and expertise of their numerous archeological and biological themed cards over the last several years, makes them more than capable of delivering a robust trading card set of this subject matter.

The mass appeal of dinosaurs transcends age. Although children are surely going to love these cards, the crossover appeal of fossil relics, sketch cards, audio booklets and more is sure to entice many adult collectors as well. Even non-trading card collectors are sure to pique their curiosity.

The company has started to receive several of the sketch cards that will be inserted within the product, at the rate of one per box. Here is a look at some of them below. For additional information, visit the Upper Deck Dinosaurs product page.

Upper Deck Dinosaurs Sketch Cards Sneak Peek Image Gallery

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