Upper Deck Previews Dinosaurs . . . Psst, Kids LOVE Dinosaurs – Yes it’s true, if you haven’t heard, kids LOVE dinosaurs. If most adults were honest with themselves, they’d more than likely admit that they love dinosaurs too. That’s why the pending release of Dinosaurs from Upper Deck is such an intriguing product.

One of the time honored traditions in our hobby is opening packs with our kids. While the hobby has changed, the thrill has not. This is clearly evident by the reactions of these two cuties in this video shot by Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin. The experience of opening a pack of cards is an addictive rush no matter what the age.

Upper Deck has created a product that the whole family can enjoy. Young, old, male, female – it doesn’t matter because after all, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!?


Dinosaurs releases this July and delivers (4) 3-D Lenticular Cards, (1) Age of the Dinosaurs Patch Card, (1) Hand-Drawn Dinosaur Sketch Card, at least (10) High Series Cards and (5) Dinosaur Stickers in Every Box! Also look for RARE Audio Cards and REAL Dinosaur Fossil Cards!

The audio cards set called “Roar”, are a technology long over-due in the hobby. Upper Deck picked the perfect product to showcase this new innovation in trading cards.

Check out the Upper Deck Blog for more about the video and for complete details about Upper Deck Dinosaurs, visit the product page and gallery.

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