Upper Deck VS System CCG: Great Power (2018 Q3)

Upper Deck VS System CCG: Great Power (2018 Q3) –  The monthly release schedule for VS System continues! Same great game as years past, but with a lower barrier of entry and monthly content updates! This year, Upper Deck Entertainment has 11 product releases scheduled! Issues themed quarterly. This third quarter is themed after the Spiderman!

Upper Deck VS System CCG: Marvel Cinematic Universe (2018 Q2)

Configuration: 12 units per case

Upper Deck VS System CCG: Great Power (2018 Q3) – Product Description

Introducing an all new story arc for VS System 2PCG! This Arc (Great Power) will introduce two new teams to VS System 2PCG as well as expand on an earlier release of The Defenders.

  • Each Standard Issue comes with 55 playable cards across one or more different team factions

Spider-Friends – (55) Cards
Release Date: August, 2018*

Sinister Syndicate – (55) Cards
Release Date: September, 2018*

The New Defenders – (55) Cards
Release Date: October, 2018*

*Release dates are approximate and subject to change without notice

Upper Deck VS System CCG: Great Power (2018 Q3) – Product Highlights

  • These issues will expand on the popular Spider-Man franchise including his friends and rivals as well as the Defenders team including original team members!
  • Epic competitive gameplay to pit your team of Allies against your opponent. Same style of gameplay as previous Marvel VS System 2PCG releases – compatible with previous VS System 2PCG products.
  • Each standard issue comes with (55) playable cards across new and existing team factions!
  • Approximately (3) new Main Characters and (10) new Supporting Characters per issue!
  • Each player’s Main Character must survive against their opponent’s Main Character to be declared the victor!
  • “Low Barrier of Entry” for New Players
  • Customize your new team or enhance your existing.
  • Look for accessories support to follow.
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