Upper Deck's e-Packs Will Expose Millions to CollectingUpper Deck’s e-Packs Will Expose Millions to Collecting – As you may have already heard, Upper Deck made a major announcement regarding the release of Upper Deck e-Pack™, an innovative new system that allows collectors to instantly purchase and open hockey packs online at anytime, anywhere. Upper Deck has taken digital trading card collecting to an entirely new level, with patent pending technology that gives collectors the ability to receive actual physical versions of the digital cards they pulled from e-Pack mailed out to them at any time.

Most importantly, e-Pack will expose millions of hockey fans to the exciting world of collecting, encouraging them to open packs for the very first time, while also enticing lapsed collectors to get back in to the hobby. Given this year’s amazing rookie class and the skyrocketing demand for Upper Deck hockey cards, the timing for e-Pack’s release couldn’t be better. With fans able to open a free digital pack daily, this is sampling at a grand scale.

This is not the first effort Upper Deck has made to increase awareness for the trading card category. Upper Deck has donated hundreds of thousands of packs to the U.S. military charities like Operation Gratitude and Defending the Blue Line. The company’s Heroic Inspirations program has raised awareness for the category with positive stories of giving back to young sports fans in particular.

Upper Deck has already distributed over 100,000 guides on how to collect hockey cards and packs with pocket guides to help educate new and lapsed collectors this season. Upper Deck was able to work with Tim Horton’s to create an incredibly well received trading card program this season exposing millions to collecting for the first time and re-engaging lapsed collectors. The e-Pack platform is a natural progression to make the hobby convenient and interactive for collectors of all ages.

Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey is the first product that is being released through the e-Pack platform, followed by Upper Deck Series 2 later this Spring. One additional e-Pack release will be announced later this season. Only a finite amount of product has been allocated to the e-Pack program and we anticipate each release will sell out. It is important to note that the three e-Pack products will not alter any 2015-16 scheduled hockey card releases available through Upper Deck’s Authorized Distributors, Authorized Internet Retailers and Certified Diamond Dealers.

With e-Pack, fans from the most far reaching locations can now get instant access to hockey cards, and collectors can enjoy the instant gratification that comes with ability to open packs at any time of the day or night. Shops can expect to see a rise in interest for hockey cards as a whole, as Upper Deck’s e-Pack platform is the first from any manufacturer to tie digital trading cards to physical versions.

Rather than pushing collectors away from physical cards, Upper Deck knows that nothing can replace that feeling of pulling your first game-worn jersey or autograph card. Hands will shake with excitement pulling a rare Upper Deck card from a foil pack or from a phone. That is a feeling fans can experience only from opening physical or digital Upper Deck packs, and that is what will continue to make this hobby so exciting.

For more information about e-Pack, please visit www.UpperDeckEpack.com.

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