The venerable brand that is Leaf Trading Cards began in 1948 with the first color edition of post World War II trading cards.

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The next 60 years of Leaf brought numerous popular trading card sets including the ultra high end 1990 Leaf Baseball trading card set which helped to shape the premium card market that exists today.

The current iteration of Leaf Trading Cards is the vision of former Razor Entertainment Group president, Brian Gray:

“As soon as I saw that the Leaf brand was available, I immediately recognized it was a perfect match for my new endeavor! The Leaf brand is synonymous with high quality and longevity, pre-dating any current manufacturer. My vision is to produce the highest quality cards with an irresistible value, while maintaining a long-term commitment to improving this industry.”

The mission of Leaf Trading Cards is to deliver an exceptional trading card experience. The only way to gain new collectors and retain loyal customers is to deliver the best possible content at the best possible value, which was a clear objective of Mr. Gray during his previous tenure at Razor Entertainment Group.

To maintain continuity with this vision, Leaf Trading Cards has acquired all non-baseball brands of the Razor Entertainment Group, which are some of the most exciting and collectibles brands in the marketplace today.