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The Hobby’s First “Micro-Printer”

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SAGE Collectibles – In the same manner of small, independent breweries and wineries where making quality and unique product are the company’s mission, SA•GE Collectibles, Inc., a small independent card company was formed. Not since Upper Deck opened its doors over a decade ago has a new card company with such enthusiasm and creativity been developed. This is not surprising since the company’s co-founder, Tom Geideman was also one of the primary reasons behind the early success of Upper Deck, and its first employee.

That same year, while also attending college, Geideman met and befriended SA•GE’s other co-founder, Robert Sadlak. One year later, after earning his Master’s degree, Sadlak, unexpectedly found himself working alongside his friend Geideman. While there, the two card fanatics produced some of the Hobby’s finest products, capturing countless Card-Set-of-the-Year awards and introducing numerous industry innovations along the way.

A few years later, both Geideman and Sadlak traveled east to accept broader positions at the ScoreBoard, Inc. serving as Director of Marketing and Director of Operations respectively. The two continued to work well together and formed a strong partnership despite the chaotic situation.

Then in 1998 fed up with the overproduction and over-proliferation of products in their beloved Hobby Sadlak and Geideman decided to put their money where their mouths were. Backed by creative determination, a patent pending process, and nearly every penny they had to their names the two formed their own card company. Borrowing the first two letters of their last names they incorporated SA•GE in June of that year.

“Making quality collectible product is the main goal of our company,” stated Geideman, President of SA•GE Collectibles, Inc. “Because we are a Micro-Printer™, we don’t have to worry about large overhead and costs. That, quite simply, allows us to pass tremendous value through to collectors, and offer a great product that no other company is able to put together.”

Sadlak, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, took it one step further, “as collectors and not faceless corporate suits forced to constantly watch the bottom line, our goal is to make products that are not only fun to collect, but able to maintain long term collectibility. That is why we have focused our products on autographs and rookies. Along with limited production runs, our products have all the elements that collectors have been asking the manufacturers to make and in one product. Being a Micro-Printer allows SA•GE the luxury of dropping lines if they are not accepted instead of forcing them upon the Hobby to hit a target financial number.”

In November 1999 with three products and three sell-outs behind them, SA•GE Collectibles, moved west to California. Until that time, Geideman had been working in Sewell, New Jersey with Sadlak over 3000 miles away in CA. The two friends met face-to-face only three times in that span. “Each time we met was during a product’s packaging to ensure the quality in every pack.” stated Sadlak. “The move enables us to better concentrate our efforts and to put out even better products going forward.”

2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume 2 Trading Cards

2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume 2 Trading Cards

2021 SAGE Sportkings Volume 2 Trading Cards delivers (2) Autographed Cards HARD-SIGNED plus (1) Memorabilia Card, (2) Regular Green Back Base Cards (Limited to 100), (1) Mini Green Back Base Card (Limited to 50) and (1) BONUS Card in Every Box! The follow-up to the highly successful Volume 1 debuts with a new checklist of the worlds greatest athletes!