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Upper Deck Authenticated – Authenticity has been a central theme to Upper Deck products since the company’s inception in 1988. The company revolutionized trading cards using sophisticated printing technology to improve the overall quality of products and adding a trademark hologram that prevented them from being counterfeited. Autograph forgeries make victims out of unsuspecting fans. In 1992, Upper Deck Authenticated® became the first company to find an answer to the forgery problem by creating an airtight five-step authentication process that assures fans are getting genuine autographs.

The heart of the five-step process is the company’s policy that an Upper Deck representative must witness each autograph signed and today UDA has autograph relationships with many of the game’s biggest stars and produces some of the finest sports memorabilia on the market. Our high-profile athletes include Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Landon Donovan, and LeBron James to name a few.

Today Upper Deck dedicates more resources than any other sports collectibles and memorabilia company to ensure the authenticity of its products.