WWE Superstar Undertaker Topps Autographs Coming!

WWE Superstar Undertaker Topps Autographs Coming!WWE Superstar Undertaker Topps Autographs Coming! – Whoa!! This is actually some really big news. If there is one WWE superstar that wrestling fans would love to own a certified autographed card of, odds are the name Undertaker has been mentioned once, twice or even 100 times. Well collectors and fans, rejoice!

Topps has gotten one of wrestling’s most elusive signers to sign autographs for upcoming Topps WWE products!

Signed cards of Undertaker will appear in upcoming 2017 Topps WWE products, starting with 2017 Topps WWE, which releases May 3rd. This is the first-time, Undertaker will have autographed trading cards for Topps – and the rest of his signed cards have been few and far between.

Undertaker will also have autographed cards in the premium release of 2017 Topps WWE Undisputed. This product hits stores shelves June 23rd and has been a big hit upon its release a couple of years ago.) As if that wasn’t enough, Undertaker will also be featured with autographed cards in 2017 Topps WWE Heritage, arriving August 2nd.WWE Superstar Undertaker Topps Autographs Coming!

This signing gives collectors and wrestling fans a chance to pull what is sure to be some much coveted cards.

Mark Callaway has used the Undertaker persona since the early 1990s. Since then, he’s become one of wrestling greatest stars with many calling him the greatest WWE wrestler of all-time. Undertaker also owns the WWE record for winning his first 21 matches at Wrestlemania.

He’s earned countless accolades and achievements. Fans can now get a little closer to their favorite wrestler with his autograph cards. With rumors of his impending retirement and what will most likely be his last WrestleMania appearance next month, makes the timing of this news absolutely amazing for collectors!


WWE Superstar Undertaker Topps Autographs Coming!