Yo Kai WatchYo-kai Watch Sticker & Album Collection from Panini America. Based on the popular video game series from Nintendo. The brand has also been spawned two animated films and an on-going TV series.

It’s OK if you have never heard of this brand, millions of kids have. In fact it is one of the fastest growing media brands targeted to children.

In addition to video games, TV and movies, the Yo-kai Watch brand includes:  events, comic books, toys, digital apps, consumer goods, DVD’s, music and more!

Yo-kai Watch Sticker & Album Collection

Product Configurations:

Combo Display Configuration: 4 inner cartons/1 combo per inner carton/20 albums per combo/100 sticker packs per combo (7 stickers per pack)

Sticker Refill Configuration: 16 boxes/50 packs/7 stickers

Album Refill Configuration: 6 bundles/12 albums

Yo-kai Watch Sticker & Album Collection About the brand:

  • Yo-kai are the physical embodiment of everyday problems. They live everywhere in our world – under cars, near vending machines an in rivers – you just can’t see them.
  • With the power of the Yo-kai Watch, you can find these hidden Yo-kai, befriend them and call upon their power when you need their help. There are over 200 different types of Yo-kai just waiting to be discovered.
  • Over 150 characters featured (subject to change)
  • Approximately 240 total stickers (subject to change)


 Product images coming soon!

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