2014 Topps Series One Baseball Honors the Past to Celebrate the Future

As you know, 2014 Topps 1 celebrates baseball’s emerging young talent. However, you can’t celebrate the future without honoring the past. As baseball fans, we love the current veterans and past legends who have set the standard of greatness. To acknowledge this, Topps has you covered with two NEW inserts.

Before They Were Great Inserts, Relics and Autographs – HOBBY ONLY.
These are exclusive high-end cards printed on thick stock featuring 30 of the best, active players and retired stars like Pedro Martinez, Mike Schmidt and Willie Mays. Look for autographed versions #’d to 10, Gold Parallels #d to 99 and Relics #’d to 25. These cards feature images of the greats from their early playing days.


Upper Class Inserts, Relics and Autographs

This unique insert features 50 of the best rookie classes of all time. Each player in the class will have their own card, but when the player cards of the same class are put together, it creates a class photo! Look for Upper Class Autographs (25 subjects #’d to 25), Upper Class Relics (25 subjects #’d to 99) and Upper Class Autographed Relics (25 subjects # to 25).

Upper Class Auto UCA-GC

Topps 2014 Baseball Series 1 releases in 7 DAYS! Baseball is Back!




PR: 2014 Topps Baseball Series 1 Honors the Greats



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