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Go GTS Live! – The Hobby’s Web Show


GTS Distribution is proud to introduce The Hobby’s first LIVE web show dedicated to the sports and entertainment collectibles. Inspired by the quality content of the Cardboard Connection Radio Show, that stopped airing late in 2014, this interactive, video talk show will serve as the go-to resource for hobby related information. Viewers will be treated to the latest product information, news, trends and guest interviews. This web show will be the perfect platform to not only discuss the hobby and products, but also to see the latest offerings from each manufacturer. The show promises to be a positive, entertaining, informative and constructive resource for The Hobby.  Go GTS Live, The Hobby’s Web Show can be seen LIVE, every Thursday at 8pm EST on YouTube, Facebook, and  TWITCH.


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Go GTS Live! – The Hobby’s Web Show – Show Features


Go GTS Live features our hosts engaged in witty, informed banter about the positive aspects of the hobby and the relative sports and entertainments happenings of the week. Additionally, here are a few regularly planned segments:

Guest Interviews: Live guest interviews will take place via webcam, mobile device, Skype. Guests will include manufacturer representatives, athletes, authors, hobby influencers and more.

Hobby Happenings: A complete look at all the news, events, promotions and stories, happening in the hobby sourced from around the web.

Hot In The Shop: Our weekly blog segment will make its way live on the web show. Each week we’ll spend a few minutes talking not only about recently released products, but also what’s coming the following week.

Product Rewind: Everyone knows that good products don’t always get the attention they deserve when they first come out. This segment takes a look at products and ideas that have been released previously, and gives collectors and shops a reason or two to go back and take another look.

Future Watch: A look at some of the top prospects making news each week, and what products they can be found in, and their potential long-term hobby outlook.

Live Box Breaks: Featured breaks of newer product releases and hits given away to LIVE viewers!

Vendor Showcase: A periodic look at new hobby vendors and their products.

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Headshot PosterRob BertrandRob has been involved in producing multi-media hobby content for almost 20 years. An avid collector himself, he is the former co-host and producer of the Cardboard Connection Radio Show. Rob got his start on the business side of the hobby as the lead content developer for Card Corner Club before the site’s merger with Cardboard Connection, where he continued on in the role as staff writer. He also has an extensive article archive on the collectibles website WorthPoint.com as one of their sports card and memorabilia experts. Over the last few years he has added event host and emcee services to his repertoire serving in that capacity for the last several years on the Mike Berkus Main Stage in the Ripping Wax Case Breakers Pavilion of the National Sports Collectors Convention. His freelance efforts have also included writing trading card backs and providing sports memorabilia appraisals. In addition to hobby related news coverage, he has also been a contributor for Sportsology.net covering the Chicago sports market. You can follow him on Twitter @VOTC.


Chris Steuber Headshot CopyChris Steuber – It all started in 1986 for Chris when his mom brought home a pack of Topps baseball cards. From that day on he was hooked. Sports cards and sports became a life-long passion. At the age of 12 through his high school years, Chris worked in card stores and got an early, inside look at the sports cards industry. His early passion for sports cards turned into a career in sports and marketing. During his 18-year career in sports media, Chris served as a sports writer covering the Philadelphia Flyers for TheFourthPeriod.com, NFL Draft Analyst for multiple media outlets such as Scout.com, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NFL Draft Scout, Ourlads’ NFL Scouting Services, NBC Sports Philadelphia and PhiladelphiaEagles.com, and Sports Talk Show host for 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. His career in sports media propelled him into the position of Director of Player Personnel in the Arena Football League, which he held with three organizations. In conjunction with his career in sports, Chris has been a marketing professional and graphic designer for the past 19 years. A native Philadelphian, Chris currently resides in Tampa, FL. You can follow him on Twitter @ChrisSteuber.