2015 Primary Players “All Teams In” from Super Break delivers (1-2) Premium Buyback Cards and (1) Super Break Original Content Card in Every Box. This is an all card product with ZERO redemptions and no memorabilia. All 122 major four sport teams are represented from the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.
Configuration: 4 boxes/1 pack/1-3 cards

2015 Primary Players “All Teams In” Box HITS:

  • (1-2) Premium Buyback Cards
  • (1) Super Break Original Content Card

2015 Primary Players “All Teams In”PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Top Rookies, Stars, Veterans, Hall of Famers, Legends
  • PSA 10’s, BGS 9.5’s, BGS 10’s
  • Logomen, Tags, Booklets
  • 1/1’s, RPA’s, Patches
  • Multiple Autographs
  • “The Bar” – Over three dozen LIVE in the product
  • Four Major Sports: Baseball- Basketball- Football- Hockey
  • A total of 122 teams– All represented
  • A 32 Category List with 4 teams per category will be provided
    • Example: Atl Hawks, Ny Rangers, LA Dodgers , Carolina Panthers – One Category
    • The remaining categories that do not have a spot #4 team will indeed contain “The Bar” listings.


2015 Primary Players 32 Break Checklist

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