2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Cards

2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Cards delivers (1) Autographed Card and (2) Additional Autographed or Memorabilia Cards in Every Box! (on average) A NEW!! configuration designed to deliver better box value with a 10% lower SRP! Look for NEW!! Triple Memorabilia Cards and the return of Signature Pucks! OVERTIME Wave 1 eligible product!

2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Cards

Configuration: 20 boxes*/8 packs/4 cards
* (2) 10-box inner shippers

2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Cards Box Hits:

  • (2) Autographed Cards

2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • 2016-17 Trilogy Rookies
    • Limited to a mere 33 Top Prospects, each with (3) different Base Set RC’s
      • Common Rookies #’d to 999, Uncommon Autograph Rookies #’d to 375 & Rare Inscribed Autograph Rookies #’d to 49
        • Common Rookies Parallels Blue #’d to 499, Black #’d to 99
        • Uncommon Autograph Rookies ParallelsBlue #’d to 33, Black Varied #ing
        • Rare, Inscribed Autograph Rookies ParallelsBlue #’d to Uniform, Black #’d to 3
  • Even MORE Rookie Content!
    • Triple Rookie Autographs – #’d to 25, ParallelsBlue #’d to 5, Black #’d 1-of-1
    • Rookie Relics Jersey & Patches
      Green Rainbow Foil Variations

      • Common Rookies, Green Jersey Relic #’d to 699
      • Uncommon Rookies, Green Patch Relic #’d to 35
      • Rare Rookies, Green Tag Relic #’d to 5
  • 2016-17 Trilogy Hockey MEGA Hits!
    • Tryptich Inserts Themed Memorabilia and Autograph Cards – Featuring a wide array of memorabilia including: Jersey, Patch, Strap, Tag, Glove, Blocker, Leg Pad, Skates & Sticks all with varied #ing
      • Relics Jerseys, Premium Memorabilia, Signatures, Triple Relics
  • Autographed Pucks!Veteran Stars, Rookie & Hall of Famers!
    • Signature Pucks inserted 1:16, Team Logos – Hand #’d to 17, NHL Shield Logo – Hand #’d to 3
    • Hall of Fame Signature Pucksinserted 1:432, Parallels Hand #’d to 10 & 3
    • Dual Signature Pucks inserted 1:432, Team Logos – Hand #’d to 5, NHL Shield Logo – Hand #’d 1-of-1
  • Ice Scripts – Featuring a HARD-SIGNED Autograph from Young, Veteran & Retired NHL Stars directly on stunning Plexiglas Substrate!
  • 2016-17 Trilogy Regular Base Cards – (50)
    • Base Card ParallelsBlue Rainbow Foil #’d to 999, Green Rainbow Foil Jersey Relics #’d to Career Stat, Black Rainbow Premium Materials Relics #’d to a Single Season Stat.


2016-17 Upper Deck Trilogy NHL Hockey Cards Checklist


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